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Parent: Movies based on true stories.

  1. #998412016-03-01 20:42:34 *Kirn said:

    And this one I saw just a week before it got Oscar. Best picture. And I agree with that.


    Story about Boston Globe investigative reporting team Spotlight uncovering the whole fuckton of priests who fucked kids. I am sure you all are more or less familiar with that story, even if you don't know its origins. This is a very damn powerful movie, and there is... not even any action there. People do goddamn investigative journalism. That's it. It is a damn good movie. And, as always... here's the link that tells how true it is.
    Most of all I like this:

    Were the reporters really not very religious?

    Yes. The screenwriters realized that having at least one of the reporters be more in touch with his or her faith could enhance the drama, but the reality was that none of them were in touch with their faith.

    I mean, holy fuck, Hollywood NOT upping the drama? This is worth something. Plus, as the story is relatively new... they pretty much were consulting the very people who were the people in the story. Advantage of making a film about something that happened recently enough - you can get people who lived that story as consultants.