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  1. MOTHER/Earthbound Series Thread

    #102142012-02-02 11:02:31eterno said:

    I really love the games and I'm kinda surprised that no one has made a thread about it yet.

    So yeah, post anything about MOTHER/Earthbound, pictures, movies, musics, fan art, etc. in this thread.

    And, by the way, which game in the series do you like the most? For me, I think it's the second game because it strikes the right balance of telling a good story while managing to keep an open world.

  2. #102152012-02-02 11:26:16momo said:

    Ah, I played a little bit of Earthbound, actually, after seeing my friend do an LP on it.

    It was really quite nice.

  3. #103042012-02-03 00:06:24 *eterno said:


    Yeah, the art is really amazing huh? It's actually designed to be as simple as possible despite the fact that RPGs at the time were trying to one-up each other in terms of 'fantastical graphics'

    Unfortunately, this is the reason why the games flop stateside because you know Americans, they wouldn't play a game that hasn't a crosshair in it lol j/k

    No... The real reason why the games flop stateside is because they were released at the end of their respective systems lifespan and they had a shitty marketing department. It's not a problem for the Japanese because they'd buy anything related to this series ever since it first came out. Why? It first came out for the Famicom there and everyone knows that there are only a handful of good RPGs for the Famicom, right?

  4. #105972012-02-04 15:14:47TheGD1212 said:

    YES! I thought everyone had forgotten about this game series. I have the second (the best one) on my phone right now. I think I've beaten it about 10 times haha. Can't believe people are getting almost 200 dollars for it online. I still have mine in mint condition and plan on forcing my children to play it no matter how advanced their game systems are going to be :D