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  1. How do you feel about college dropouts? How do you feel about dropping out?

    #111122012-02-06 15:16:42Etsuko said:

    Asking this because I'm considering dropping out of my University.

  2. #111152012-02-06 15:25:10Ecstasy said:

    I tend to finish what I start. So I finished my University though wanted to drop it thousand times. I can't say that I regret it.

    Maybe you should try making advantages/disadvantages list. But try to make it constructive. Such as you better not include things like "I won't see this jerk who attends the same course" and "I'm too fabulous for this place"..

  3. #111232012-02-06 15:46:16Momimochi said:

    Bill Gates dropped out of Harvard. Look where he's at now.

    On a more serious note, it's completely fine to drop out of post-secondary. It's not like anyone will really judge you that much (Parents are an exception). If you feel it's right to drop-out, or if you don't deem post-secondary important anymore, then why not? There's nothing wrong with dropping out. Of course, that sentence always comes with "if you won't regret it". But if you seriously feel like your just wasting your life there, or if you just don't care about education anymore (I'm talking about long-term thoughts), by all means, drop it. You could do better without wasting those fees on University.

  4. #111292012-02-06 16:23:52JoJoBird said:

    Do what your heart and mind tells you, not what society says. This is a big decision though, usually people never return and get depressed with the path they've chosen. A man Irespect named Henry Rollins is the former lead singer of the band Black Flag and now does Spoken Word and writes dropped out of college h. He said it wasn't right for him and I believe he is a very smart person so don't think schooling teaches intelligence or that you are stupid. And don't think of it as quiting either, you are moving on from what's holding you back. Whatever you choose I wish best of luck and to "Live long and prosper.".

  5. #111452012-02-06 17:23:24TokoyamiSenshi said:

    Don't. Higher education sucks for the most part and many people just want to make you feel miserable and stupid. Don't do it for the job, the benefits or your intelectual penis. Do it because you can.

  6. #111982012-02-06 20:13:14 *Fieyr said:

    Here comes some advice from someone who has graduated from college, working in the renewable energy industry, and responsible for interviewing potential hires.

    For a lot, and I do mean A LOT of businesses... a college degree is nothing more than a piece of paper. All they want to see is that you were willing to jump through all the hoops. Simply having that degree will tell your potential employer that you were willing to deal with all the BS that was thrown at you and that you're a determined individual and don't give up easily.

    If you bail on college, believe me, the first question any future employer is going to ask you is.. WHY?

    If you don't have a damn good answer, then you will get a door shut in your face... if you were even lucky enough to get the interview without having a degree.

    Damn good answers do not include:

    -"I needed to find myself" -"I decided to go on a tour of the country" -"I got a hooker pregnant" -"College was interfering with my partying/beer drinking/gaming"


    That degree will open up more opportunities for you than almost anything else you could possibly do. Unless you're already a badass at something and know for a fact you can sustain yourself on the income... then stay in school.

  7. #112202012-02-06 22:17:12Gargron said:

    @Etsuko Am I the only one who wants to hear your full story? Tell us more about your backgrounds!

    And if you are a genius and drop out of the university, you need sheer luck to make it in life. But if you are your average man and have a university degree, you have a solid place in society.

  8. #112212012-02-06 22:26:13Trev said:

    I dropped out and had to join the military to get the money to go back. While it was good experience, and I changed and grew a lot as a person, I wish I didn't have to. The more frustrating thing is just how much of what I learned in a warrior society is irrelevant in peacetime to people who've never actually seen hardship.

    So, for your sake, stay in school. You'll be a happier person for it.

  9. #112282012-02-06 23:15:32Etsuko said:

    So to everybody who wanted to know my full story. I'm 18 just out of high school and in my second quarter of seven at culinary school. There are two campuses for my university in my state and I'm at the smaller one since it was closer to my home. I had planned to live with a family member who lives close to my school. However, a couple of weeks before school started they decided they waited privacy so I had to move into housing which are apartments. Within two weeks I had to change dorm rooms because my other roommates ate my food and took two hundred dollars worth of my stuff and ruined them. So I moved in with my new and current roommates. My classes only last 11 weeks and I go 4 days a week for 6 hours. So my roommates would come home after 4 hours and we would do our own things. However in my school the culinary courses are the hardest so of course I had to

  10. #112302012-02-06 23:30:39Etsuko said:

    Study more. One of my roommates, lets call her A, picked fights with all of us. Because we had the same fye class we were partnered together for our final and because she never went to class or came home we nearly failed. But I did fail my main two classes which I am currently retaking. They told us we can retake our theory and lab for free. Last week they told me that because I'm retaking my lab the money I usually get midway thorough the quarter I'm not getting. This doesn't work because I don't have a job and thats what I use as food money. I can't really ask my parents for money because my mom just had surgery and my dad is unemployed. I've been trying to find a job but I don't own a car so it has to be in walking distance of my house. On top of that, midterms were last week and I missed my lab midterm because I was told not to go to school or work because I dislocated my ribs. I went in to ask my chef if I could take it today which he agreed to but this morning he told me I couldn't and that I'm failing now. I want to leave but my lease isn't up till june and it's $600 a month which I have to pay whether I'm there or not. Thats about it. Opinions?

  11. #112382012-02-07 00:04:39 *eterno said:

    Important things you might get from college (in order of importance): - Networking - Money Management - Time Management - Possibly your goal in life (depends) - People Skills - Figuring things out (loans, insurance, etc.) - Basic Life Skills - Your Life Philosophy - Actual skills that you are learning - Degree - A small boost of chance of getting employed

    What you don't get from college: Luck

    The most important thing to get a job: - Luck - Networking - Job Skills

    What you need to succeed in life: - Luck - A Clear Goal - Money Management - People Skills - Determination

    You see, college is like a try-out for life but it's NOTHING like the Real Life. It does however, give a really tiny glimpse into what Real Life is really like. If you drop out of college, you're pretty much clueless on what Real Life is really like UNLESS... you already experienced what Real Life is like before college (and if you lived with your parents for most of your life, chances are you never did).

    Because you're asking the question, I'm going to assume you have never experienced Real Life before. If you're up for it though, go ahead and drop out. It's going to be REALLY TOUGH and DANGEROUS but if you have enough luck, you just might pull through.

    So, here's the question, do you feel lucky? DO YOU, PUNK? (Just a quote, not meaning to insult you or anything)

    P.S.: It's still tough even if you went through college. Really, the #1 thing to succeed in life is just Pure Luck. Everything else matters little.

  12. #113152012-02-07 08:06:25 *Di-Kitsune said:

    @Etsuko I'm a drop out i left uni for various reasons and don't regret it one bit. Main reason why i left was because i was offered a good job (awesome salary, contract for 2 years blablabla). Universities diploma doesn't even stand a chance next to the experience i gathered from this job. My idea about droping out is none it depends on the circumstances apparently and... your luck but you have to be sure that it's good for you. If you are not sure or you just want to drop out for the sake of droping out then don't.

    On a personal note, i wish i spent more time in uni but at this rate i will simply work and work and work every day for the rest of my life. So don't rush ^_^ There is nothing but bills in this adulthood.

  13. #113162012-02-07 08:09:08AkiraRyuu said:

    Are you really really sure that you won't regret dropping out ten years later? If yes, go ahead. You don't need to hold a degree to be successful in life, but be prepared to work very hard.

    In my opinion though, if you managed to overcome your difficulties now, you'll be able to handle whatever bullshit that comes your way when you start working. Do not think that what happens in your college life won't happen in the working world. There will still be bullying, employers being unfair, being unjustly accused and the list goes on...

    About your midterms, can't you show your chef a doctor's letter explaining about your ribs?

  14. #114462012-02-07 19:50:02eterno said:

    Here's an article from cracked about college

    The bottom line is, the reason why college is important at all is because society demands it. You're not immediately homeless if you drop out but if you tend to not get befuddled by all the things society throws at you, I think you're gonna be fine. Well, that and a huge amount of luck of course. (Life's all about luck really)

  15. #114642012-02-07 21:42:39TokoyamiSenshi said:

    My country is beautiful. As long as you pass the entrance exams, you get to go to college for free; you only pay for what you fail. That's why I'm not really sure If I can offer you a good advice on this one, so I'll give you my universal advice.

    Toss a coin. If you feel 'aw crap, I knew it's gonna be heads', just pretend it was tails and vice versa.

  16. #116252012-02-08 14:52:53 *Di-Kitsune said:

    My country is beautiful. As long as you pass the entrance exams, you get to go to college for free; you only pay for what you fail. @TokoyamiSenshi

    o.O So freakin jealous... Which country is that? I'm moving to you... NOW =P