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Parent: CL's Greatest

  1. #11242011-12-27 19:42:48 *YumiToho said:

    -Best troll: @Spoony -Best mod: i like all mods UvU -Best oldfag: Too many to choose from. @Anon or @Sushi or @Yotsuba -Best newfag: Nah -Best trap: @Matt -Best uke: @Phones -Best seme: @Stevie -Best username: @Matt because it has caused so much confusion -Best gang/group: Oldfags -Best pairing: SteviexPhones -Funniest member: @Pato -Most popular: Me fuck you all -Biggest camwhore: @Lusty -Best lurker: @Hika -Favorite thread: Oldfag thread -Best hair: @Sushi This shouldn't even be up for votes. -Best screenshot: Stevie's "I feel Uke" -Best screenshotter: @Hika -Best gravatar: @Ipo -Coolest member: @Yotsuba -Best nickname: TinglyPoo -Best sisters: Matt and Canon -Best Friends: Me and @Sushi -Really great artist but not the best but still pretty damn cool: @Akri because she drew all of those people in that fucking picture -Best maid: @Canon -Best Brother: @DSP UvU

    ori i voted now leave me alone

    @Sushi I am not dere i hate you get out