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Why not let a book describe your sex life?

  1. #112882012-02-07 04:20:32 *reki said:

    "I were waiting by the horses when somebody clapped a strong hand over my mouth and jerked me around the back of the Red Cat brothel, upstairs, and into a bedroom, where I were forced into a chair."

    • The Last Ride of the Glory Girls by Libba Bray (from the Steampunk anthology)

    UHMMMM. This sentence is weird and, well, NOT comforting.

  2. #112962012-02-07 04:44:42Tom said:

    "Whether it's Westerns, skin flicks or zombie movies, the Italians really, really like to try their hands at American genres."

    From some stupid zombie book that happened to be the closest one to me.

  3. #113072012-02-07 06:48:32momo said:

    "Cut it out already" Wandering Son, Volume 1

    If manga is a no-go, then

    "After a moment Dyelin moved as if sleepwalking and began fubling with the buttons down Elayne's back, muttering to herself in shocked tones." Winter's Heart, Book 9 in the Wheel of Time series

  4. #113392012-02-07 09:56:34Zechs said:

    "The body of the inner loop is O(1) and the inner loop will execute n times." --Java Software Sructures: Designing and Using Data Structures.

    Hmmm... Sex with 1 person "n" times?

  5. #113672012-02-07 13:37:07Nandaba said:

    "She was 12 years old, and was the daughter of a cavalry captain. [...] The young lady was seduced and kidnapped in the convent where she received education..."


  6. #113702012-02-07 14:00:41Gargron said:

    '"Queen of the Andals and the Rhoynar and the First Men, Khaleesi of Great Grass Sea, Breaker of Shackles, and Mother of Dragons," cried Missandei in her high, sweet voice.'

    • A Dance with Dragons, George R. R. Martin

    It is amazing how I picked a George R. R. Martin book, got a chapter with the Khaleesi, and did not get a wild sex scene. Goddammit.

  7. #114192012-02-07 17:29:58Maryam said:

    "Would she leave me, an eleven year-old, for hours to go the dentist all by myself?"

    An apparent lonely 11 year old boy/girl. 2012 looks fabulous.

  8. #114502012-02-07 20:45:46JoJoBird said:

    He paused beside a pillar, before the tomb of a long dead Stark. "I loved that old man."

    A Game of Thrones by George R.R. Martin This sounds so disturbing in so many ways......Bows head in shame.

  9. #114582012-02-07 21:09:37hais said:

    "I returned to the reading room and pick up where I'd left off in my book." Kafka On The Shore by Haruki Murakami.