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  1. #115522012-02-08 05:38:06zatsunen said:

    Hahaha I really like this. XD It's so funny. It's annoying waiting on the updates though.. as it is with all ongoing manga.

  2. #140832012-02-23 04:59:35 *zatsunen said:

    @SENsei Oh I meant ongoing like.. still being translated into english by fans. I'm too poor to buy the volumes and my Japanese is at the level of less than a one year old... OTL

    Now I don't want to continue reading it.. [spoiler]What do you mean troll?[/spoiler]

  3. #146862012-02-27 00:32:08chirio said:

    Oh I saw the translated first page of Yamada-kun to 7-nin no Majo.. The heroine is like a genius Kagawa of some sort..