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  1. Sweet Things

    #120862012-02-10 11:36:27 *chirio said:

    since Valentine's is coming up, here's a thread where you can post sweet stuff to people on CL.. you can also sing to them (actually record your voice, upload, and post the link here) or dedicate a song.. or draw them pictures, or videos.. be creative.. make them smile or fall for you..

    example, To: @chirio happy valentine's (insert pic, video or song) From: someone...

    P.S. To you forever alone guy/girl, Let's not be sad about Valentine's.. somewhere in this world, someone loves you..

  2. #120942012-02-10 12:57:16chirio said:

    lol.. i know, i know.. i edited the purpose of the thread so it would be different.. c'mon.. spread the love.. ^^

  3. #121432012-02-10 19:38:39JacquesTheZombie said:

    If @AlphaHikari_1A14 reads this then i guess i can say 2 things to her. 1. My problem is that every girl that i love has never felt the same way or I cant date. 2. I think your awesome! XD

    1. i know i said only 2 things but after typing those first 2 i had a weird feeling come over me that made me "see" you and now i feel something towards you...
  4. #122222012-02-11 04:45:59AlphaHikari_1A14 said:

    @JacquesTheZombie Yea I'm reading this. "see" me? What kind of feeling? If its something too personal, then just message me.

    Since its this kind of thread I might as well tell you this much too. 1. You are fun to talk to, yea, I think you are awesome as well! 2. Don't give up on dating just yet. There has got to be some girl out there for you!

  5. #124972012-02-12 08:53:02Dec said:

    @Ecstasy I'm so sorry, it was at the time when I didn't know you and I was confused about the meaning of life! ;n; I will always love you and you are my soul meaning of life... ;o; you complete me!

  6. #125232012-02-12 14:00:56Ecstasy said:

    @Dec I'm perfectly fine with you having cake shower orgies. I mean everybody does it nowadays. I'm terribly broken over the fact that I wasn't part of it D:

    and happy valentine's~

  7. #125602012-02-12 19:38:02 *sully said:

    To "the-one-who-shall-not-be-named"

    one cannot simply communicate to another to a certain degree of what they feel inside as the capacity of the world is unable to withstand such nonsense. So i shall simply present you a rose and three words which you properly could guess what they are!

    Sincerely the one you least expected