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Parent: Open call for character design/artist for original project.

  1. #130912012-02-15 13:23:30 *Reverse_Vampire said:

    @eterno If I have the skills to draw well, I would prefer doing it by myself. You know, working with another person and share the credit is going to be problematic in later years (copyright issues, all that jazz).

    If you want to know a bit more about my story...deep breathe (This is going to sound cliche, but it'll get better):

    The main character's a housewife in her thirties (and yes, she's a mother of one). She has a personal wish (she doesn't want to tell anyone else about it. It would sound silly to their ears) to be a hero like the ones in the stories she read to her child during bedtimes. She opens a magic book and she goes to another world, which I said before, influenced by Norse mythology.

    She's a bit naive and idealistic at first glance, but there are a lot of things that can't bring her down. When she enters the other world, she would be thinking: 'Oh I'm in a fairy tale-like world now. I'm a hero now? But I don't think the people would except me. You know, I'm a housewife and all. I did learned fencing when I was younger and...hey! Who's going to take care of my child back home?'

    Actually, my story has lots and lots of characters. Expect to see around 50 characters that are of importance to the plot, as well as many subversion of the usual tropes you see in fantasy stories. (As in the usual 'You're a hero. Now go explore the world and save it and get the girl of your dreams.'

    Yeah, it sounds crappy right now. Will this be enough?