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CL comics (start up)(sign up is open)

  1. #34392012-01-02 20:41:48Agitation said:

    @shafnat i have shafnat-kun :( and i've checked ur messages, but wen i tried to write back, i couldn't, im gonna keep trying so wait for me, k? i was going to tell you in a thread, but i guess you beet me :)

  2. #50652012-01-08 02:29:15shafnat said:

    @Agitation : this colorless is really different, right? :( post your image link between [IMG]your link[/IMG] and change the "markdown" word to "bbcode" below (in FORMATTING SYNTAX).. i hope you get it:D iza chan, have you confirmed your email yet? i'm waiting for your reply, i want more conversation with you like in old colorless... :)

  3. #51702012-01-08 16:42:47 *Agitation said:
    @shafnat I HAVE confirmed my email, but i still couldn't compose a message or something :( I'm still workig at it, s wait!!!
    (Invalid img)
    well the pic kinda showedd.....

    there we go!! please enjoy the first page of the catalyst!!
  4. #52222012-01-08 20:44:40eterno said:

    Hey, I'd like to sign up! Unfortunately, I won't be able to do it until February :( Would that be okay?

  5. #53652012-01-09 07:04:02eterno said:

    @Inasda Cool! So is this going to be like a magazine? Need editor or stuff? Organized? Chaotic? I have a really awesome story about the genesis of a villainous group where in the end they turn heel. Though in the beginning, they're losers. (Like losers losers, they only become badass through the story) I also have the story of their rise and fall but alas, I cannot do a full time drawing till February.

  6. #56912012-01-10 14:06:10 *shafnat said:
    Uwaa YOU'RE ALL GREAT!!!! @Agitation and @Inasda i appreciate yours!! i think mine aren't as cool as yours.and then,kinda messy.. :(
    As promise, i'll post on tuesdays : Leavin the future (No cover, i
    need someone who can colour.)

    @eterno : uwah, I'll be happy if you join, my adviser-sama!! :)
  7. #58252012-01-11 10:50:21shafnat said:

    @Agitation : Arigato gozaimasta!!!:D but, i'm still thinking yours better than mine.. :/ no no no.. my drawing changed after that last page "where am i?".. curious? wait for the next tuesday.. :) @kuraihikari i'll be waiting.. :)