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CL comics (start up)(sign up is open)

  1. #61742012-01-13 03:56:21Agitation said:
    @shafnat I am looking forward to the next page!! :) i see you're doing more then one page a week huh? practicly a chapter, XD i can never do that. I'm suprised i got this page up in time XD
  2. #62372012-01-13 13:23:51shafnat said:

    @agitation : UWAA GIVEUPGIVEUPGIVEUP!! T_T damn, you're so professional, i'd never thought you have comic like that!! Iza chan~ please teach me.... O//O how to make an effect like that, what pen size do yu use for the outline, frame borders, and shading lines? :)

  3. #62582012-01-13 17:47:41Agitation said:

    @shafnat thankyou O///O we all have our own styles so i dont think that mines anybetter then urs XD, but i use usually 0.1 (think) for plp outline, 0.03 for eyes and details, 0.05 for larger details(like maybe in the clothing) the borders are done with...either the comp9if im not lazy) and 0.1 or a size bigger, dont make then to thick ^_^ the black parts(like ties) which i find to be a rly important part in a page is usually done by a pen with a bs or bm(i dont rly know what it is, but it kinda loks like a brush thing)

  4. #63542012-01-14 02:13:34shafnat said:

    @Agitation : Uwah! you're using the "hard to find drawing pen" here!!O.O I never used pen smaller than 0.05! my drawing is just like durarara (thick outline animation) right now.. i used 0.4 for outlines, 0.1 for detail lines, 0.8 for borders,and 0.05 for move lines and shading.. also my shading have an "UMBRA AND PENUMBRA" thing.. :) And that BR thing is brush pen, i used calligraphy pen for the black parts.. ^^

  5. #75192012-01-19 00:46:50 *eterno said:

    @Inasda You should put every new pages together in the first post IMO. It gets confusing to read the pages on several pages with posts in between.

    EDIT: Forgot to ask, can I turn in storyboards?

  6. #76302012-01-19 12:26:37shafnat said:

    @MrTrain : is that who said "so we're the knights now" the boy in the cover? :o @kuraihikari ; don't tuesday!! please~ our pages will be crash~~ T_T Nah how if you post tomorrow so you'll post every friday? :)