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CL comics (start up)(sign up is open)

  1. #88802012-01-26 21:04:54kuraihikari said:

    QUESTION: can the cartoon we submit be in comic strip form? ive been debating with myself which comic to use... should i use the first one which is a manga-type cartoon, or the other one which is a continual comic strip cartoon?

  2. #88952012-01-26 22:34:45Inasda said:

    @kuraihikari dont really mind how the comic/manga is made like this or[manga-rain]bleach-ch142-17.png_1050.jpg

    This thread might just be an index later, duno but until final decision made by everyone for making seperate treads but all connected to this thread agian i confused my self, ill have to look at this agian later INA-KUN OUT

  3. #90662012-01-27 16:36:20Flywalker37 said:

    1st page is finished, the only issue is getting it here. :P

    Should I ink it first...? But then, how would I go about doing that?

  4. #97092012-01-30 20:28:01 *Flywalker37 said:

    I kinda finished the first one but then i saw that it looked like crap so then i tried to fix it in mspaint but then it looked even crappier and fuck here it is.

    well it's... er... a quick draft. sorry its so messed up lol

  5. #99292012-02-01 00:35:33Inasda said:

    well happy people are joining anyways @Shafnat @One its your turn if ya got anything

    note; Im also taking down my series to be redone, I didnt like the way i planned... OK, I didnt really plan, but i this time organized what my story is

    Also to @Everyone give input on how to organize. Im this close to making this just an index site for talking about our series

  6. #99332012-02-01 01:15:19MrTrain said:

    @Inasda Can you replace my whole section on the opening post with this:

    3. @MrTrain - Wednesdays- PAT:Khighhood tail- [](

    Just copy and paste it like that, replacing from the "3." to cover image.

    After this my comic will successfully have working page navigation.

  7. #102532012-02-02 17:47:28One said:

    Sorry guys. I have been preoccupied working at two jobs that I did not have the time to do my comic this week. I will try to do it still but if I can't then it will have to wait until next week. Thanks for being patient.

  8. #102872012-02-02 22:51:58shafnat said:

    @Inasda : i just peoples read my manga? my internet aren't very good.. it's hard to upload pages.. if you don't really read my manga, what for i struggle to upload in this slow internet? :)

  9. #103012012-02-02 23:51:41eterno said:
    Spoiler (Show)
    Untuk menghibur setiap manusia di planet Bumi, dong!

    Who cares whether people read your work. It's not like it makes any real difference if they don't, really.

    For now, I doubt anyone's reading any manga in this thread due to some serious organization problem so if it seems like no one's reading it's probably because it's true...

    Making this an index only would bury the thread even further down the page because no one would post in this thread anymore because they'd prefer posting on each respective thread.

    Unless, each comic would have their own locked thread and then this page could serve as an index, discussion, and signing-up thread. I believe every thread creator can lock their own threads at their own will but I don't know if they can unlock it again in case they need another post.

    Also, because any images linked here now will be resized, I think it's better if everyone posts their comics on an image hosting site that is more comic-friendly. If that happens though, everyone's kinda on their own and they wouldn't have to be constrained by any deadline whatsoever.

    And that brings up my next point, what is the deadline for really? In a real business, they are important because you wouldn't get the books printed if you're late and everyone's gonna be mad at you but here? Unless every artists here's gonna work with someone else (like a collaboration or with an editor), I don't really see the point apart of making people feel guilty.

    Anyway, that's my opinion on the issue, feel free to disregard any that is unproductive.
  10. #104892012-02-04 01:25:36shafnat said:

    @eterno : --wow! kau menyemangatiku!! "lebay mode"-- i still wanna upload my manga pages here.. but, THIS INTERNET!!!!!! uum.. eterno-senpai, do you have any DA?