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CL comics (start up)(sign up is open)

  1. #79082012-01-20 15:07:44 *Flywalker37 said:

    I would but.

    How do I get my pictures /here/ ?

    Not making any promises but imma try.

    (Now to go to Staples and get me some supplies. Oh yeah, and a how to draw manga book from the local B&N.)

    God help me.

    I'll get back to this once RegentsWeek starts (next Tuesday).

    Not joining right now but will soon... I think it'll probably be somewhere between Friday and Sunday.

    Definite times later.

    anyone remember the CL Chronicles fanfiction thread on the colorless of old? thinking about manganizing it. (is that a word?)

  2. #79392012-01-20 20:48:23One said:

    @Inasda So can you sign me up?

    I have been putting a lot of thought into this and I have come into a conclusion that I can indeed join/participate. I just need to know what I have to do. If possible I would also like the days Mondays or Tuesdays to submit my work. I just finished my sketchbook and I am starting a new one. So I need stuff to put in there.

  3. #80342012-01-21 06:32:46Inasda said:

    @Flywalker37 illpm you a fast tutorial on how to upload @One up to you to post monday or tuesday

    And to everyone going to try to find a way to organize the pages maybe go with the idea of using one post or something If anyone likes

    Remember people that a comic/manga isnt famus for its art, but by the story it tells. trying to get people to like the story and get connected. so just do your best.

  4. #82502012-01-23 15:31:26Xyopq said:

    Each of the comics should be put in their own locked thread with links to them from the first page of this thread (if that makes sense).

  5. #82872012-01-23 21:04:19eterno said:

    @Flywalker37 You know, you don't need them! I bought 20 of those and I ended up giving them all to my sister when I'd 'overgrown' them.

    But, if you're really desperate, there's always markcrilley. Don't take his advice like seriously though.

    By the way, can I sign up now? I can do Sundays now I guess... I might not be able to post this week though, but maybe I could... Well, maybe not but next week for sure!

  6. #84892012-01-24 18:37:47One said:
    @Shafnat Yea. Wtf man. Sharing is caring. I have a feeling that if I ever saw you smoking pot you would turn around just so you don't have to share.

    If you really want me to reconsider then draw me a dolphin getting punched in the face by a walrus. If you do that then I will change my day to a different one. It has to be a good drawing by the way. I can tell if it's done in a minute. Do this and you will get your wish.

    And here's my TUESDAY comic.
  7. #85312012-01-24 22:10:53Inasda said: my other page

    anyways, @shafnat, there is a reason why i made a sign up for 21 people, to put 3 people per day, to share space. also anyone have any suggestions on how to organize this agian?

  8. #86262012-01-25 10:24:32shafnat said:

    @MrTrain @One and @Inasda -SUMIMASENSUMIMASENSUMIMASENSUMIMASEN~~~!!! okay okay, stop fighting for tuesday! i just found out that we'll have 3 people per day, so.. sorry everyone!! O.O MINNA! GOMENASAI!! Watashi o kiraidewa arimasen! O.O

  9. #86592012-01-25 15:55:57Flywalker37 said:

    Sorry about yesterday, I had no computer to get to, and thus was not able to upload anything.

    (I didn't even get to draw it.)

    I was studying for the AP English Language Mock Exam that was being administered today.

    I came like 15 minutes late, and they did not let me in. I was PISSED.

    Just got home, and im kinda sad. Sorry for the delay, a page should be here soon.


    Yeah, maybe I'll get that dude's new book. It looks pretty cool. Checking out his YT page~

  10. #87972012-01-26 09:02:05Di-Kitsune said:

    Guys why not make a separate thread for ongoing comics and simply add attachments of new pages under names of each comic but still keep this as reference?