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unrecognized anime ب_ب

  1. #136522012-02-20 05:32:37Sammi said:

    @13 yea, really. I know no one in RL that knows what Cowboy Bebop is except for my cousin, closest friend, and brother. It's a sad story, bro.

  2. #137012012-02-20 13:36:41shafnat said:

    uuh, maybe people have heard of this, but i just found "Shigofumi" from the magazine.. also, "Solty Rei".. i think it's kinda unrecognized in my environment..

  3. #137602012-02-20 20:44:25 *Yoshiya said:

    Just listing several anime/manga I very seldomly hear about.


    • Dennou Coil
    • Casshern Sins
    • Katanagatari
    • Mononoke
    • Kaiba
    • Youjouhan Shinwa Taikei
    • Kuuchu Buranko
    • Sora no Woto - Unrecognized for what it really is, as it's been buried under MILITARY KEION jokes.
    • Tamayura
    • Wagaya no Oinari-sama
    • Ghost Hound
    • Saraiya Goyou
    • Tears to Tiara
    • Michiko to Hatchin
    • Bartender
    • Boogiepop Phantom
    • Moyashimon
    • Otogizoushi
    • Piano no Mori
    • Ristorante Paradiso


    • -Hitogatana-
    • Akagami no Shirayukihime
    • Shin Angyo Onshi
    • Saint Young Men
    • Sidooh
    • Watashi ni xx Shinasai!
    • Witch Hunter
    • Double Arts
    • ALIVE: The Final Evolution
    • Bus Hashiru.
    • Omoide Emanon
    • Tista
    • Oyasumi Punpun
    • solanin
    • not simple
  4. #137712012-02-20 21:19:48Momimochi said:

    Oh, what the hell, Bartender's still ongoing? (dropped it.)

    Komi always makes the mistakes of putting his stories in JUMP. He makes some of the best shits I've read. (Apple)

    Cassherns Sins always in Future Shop. See it all the time.

    Oyasumk Punpun's not that popular due to there being a chicken and it being M. That's the only reason that I can think of. Though I know I loved it.

    Sumomo/Mizu's normally known for her shounen-ai/yaoi stories so.....

  5. #137742012-02-20 21:24:28Sammi said:
    This may/may not make up for the last anime I posted.

    I don't know lots of people who know about Kaze no Stigma...
  6. #137802012-02-20 21:32:41Nandaba said:

    Crayon Shinchan and Dotto Koni Chan. These two were the best things ever and FUCK YOU if you dare to think different.

  7. #137902012-02-20 22:49:53momo said:

    @Yoshiya, must be the difference in people I surround myself with, but I hear a lot of many of what you mentioned, and often find myself in discussions surrounding most of those series.

  8. #138412012-02-21 01:56:22Momimochi said:


    @Arachne Oh, they're well-known but yeah, I get what you mean by no one really talking about them. Everyone I know has watch at least one of his films.

  9. #141142012-02-23 14:16:15Nomi said:

    Some anime I've watched that not a lot of people have heard of: RAINBOW: Nisha Roku No Shichinin (WARNING: graphic violence) About a bunch of delinquents who gets sent to a reform "school". There they learn to work together to survive the harsh punishments of the guards and doctor; and how they escape and try to make a living for them selves in the outside world

    DRUAGA: The Sword Of Uruk & DRUAGA: The Aeges Of Uruk (Seasons not necessarily in this order) The story has the same feel as a World Of Warcraft game. A boy lives in a city that's situated in the foot of a tall tree/tower. He is also a "climber" who's job is it to accompany anyone who wishes to climb the tower in order to protect them from monsters or to climb it to look for treasure. In his party is an archer, mage and warrior. One day the mage disappears up the tower and he is in per suite to find her.

    Hyakka Ryouran Samurai Girls (WARNING: echii & harem) About a guy who is the assistant teacher at a school. On his night arriving at the school a naked girl falls from the sky. He gets attacked by random girls when the naked one kisses him and she transform in to a very powerful samurai and beats them with lots of panty-shots and ripped clothing. It turns out he is a master samurai who can turn chosen people (mostly girls) into samurai with a kiss.

    I like this not for the echii but the incredible textures and way this is animated.

    And can you believe it, One Piece is not that well known here where I live :O GASP

  10. #142582012-02-24 06:29:45VivoDePyre said:

    I opened this thread and saw Haibane Renmei described as similar to Clannad and Kanon. Not sure if I should cry or laugh.

    But then I saw Dennou Coil and felt a little better.

    I don't spend much time with elitists/critics, but a few titles that nobody I talk to know of:

    Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei (Please let me be wrong, and have all of you know this.) Hajime no Ippo and Eyeshield (Ignored because they're categorized as sports anime) Time of Eve (known by a lot of critics, not many casual watchers.)