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unrecognized anime ب_ب

  1. #214752012-04-10 14:37:39Momimochi said:

    @meddie Better than 4Kids. Funimation dubs are actually pretty fucking decent... Well, decent enough so that I won't feel like chucking my desktop out the window.

  2. #214762012-04-10 14:52:59meddie said:

    @Momimochi the only show that i've watched dubbed is air gear , and the subs are quite decent. but seriously , watching dubs is like going to swimming pool wearing suit lol what i mean is it's totally a turn off.

  3. #215312012-04-10 19:17:21 *TalTal said:

    @Meddie WOAH WOAH WOAH hold the fuck up. Are you dissing Funi's dub of Baccano?! Because that's considered one of the best dubs, better than the original. I'm not the only one saying this, too, the majority of Baccano fans prefer the dub over the sub. You can hate on dubs all you want but seriously that dub was amazing. The accents and voices fit perfectly. I don't normally get this worked up about things but PLEASE don't knock it before you try it. (plus Funi's not bad. Just look at FMA. How can you say that dub's bad?! Plus you say you've only watched one dub, so that must clearly mean you are an expert on dubs and get to say that they are all terrible.)

  4. #215452012-04-10 22:12:20Momimochi said:

    @TalTal19 And here I thought I was the only one who thought this meddie person didn't give funidubs a try.

    @Meddie There are actually more decent dubs than horrid ones. Of course I'm not saying that dub > subs (except Furuba and Baccano) but don't stereotype the shit out of dubs just because you saw like, those 3 dubs in your life.

  5. #215522012-04-10 23:33:2513 said:

    @Maddie I agree with you. But I don't care whenever the voice acting is good or not, I just really hate the simple idea of a dub.

  6. #215962012-04-11 06:02:18meddie said:

    @TalTal19 chill man chill haha it's just that im not really into dubs u know , but i do agree that there are great dubs out there and yeah , i did watched fma in dub and i must say it's really good. guess im really stereotyping this :(

    @Momimochi yeah yeah i shouldnt be saying that all dubs are horrible just because i didnt watch much dubs :( im sorry for getting both of u worked up like this :( it's just that im not really into dubs , but of course , there's a lot of good dubs out there like fma and air gear that i've watched. gonna try baccano right now :)

  7. #216022012-04-11 06:56:28meddie said:

    @13 yeah same here 13. the very idea of a dub is like having a mushroom soup with a straw instead of spoon lol what i mean is we anime is better off watched with the original voice actor instead of replacing it with some weeabos in a broadcasting company

  8. #242892012-04-30 15:15:21InsaneBoredGame said:

    Under 5% of the anime listed on this thread are obscure. Trufax.


    @KinoSakata, I thank you for saving this thread from a shitty dubs vs subs death.


  9. #242902012-04-30 15:37:10MyogiWarrior34 said:

    Wangan Midnight.

    People know the game in the arcades but they know NOTHING about the anime. It has an in-depth reality-hits-you-hard content that is sure to move you. Sad no one knows it exists.

  10. #244522012-05-01 11:59:48zatsunen said:

    Heck, this might be well known in other parts of the world but hardly anyone I know here has heard of Bokurano. I quite liked it. Saiunkoku Monogatari is another one I enjoyed but it wasn't very popular and I can sort of understand why.. nevertheless, it was still good.