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  1. Let's Talk About: Steins Gate

    #141812012-02-23 21:23:49WalkerYumasaki said:

    I am getting pretty far in this anime, and it seems it's been skyrocketing in popularity lately.

    I honestly think Steins Gate has the best character development of any anime I've seen since Durarara.

    Also the 2/4chan references make it pretty appealing to me!

    Anyone else seen/watching this? Who is your favorite character and why? Do you find the plot kind of confusing?

  2. #141822012-02-23 21:26:119mm said:

    I. fucking. love. this. fucking. anime. seriously. this. is. my. favorite. anime. ever.

    EP 25 just came out and I came.

    my body wasn't ready

  3. #141872012-02-23 21:41:42WalkerYumasaki said:

    I haven't gotten that far yet, I'm just getting to 20ish. I think the best part about the whole show is that I can't pin down the best part about it!

    The jokes, the characters, plot, design, and music flow seamlessly into a great show.

  4. #141902012-02-23 21:54:319mm said:

    I just finished watching EP25. it was amazing to say the least. yeah you are on the best part of the anime right now.

  5. #141912012-02-23 21:56:53Fieyr said:

    Yeah Stein's Gate is pretty epic. Definitely top 10 for me. I will say that a lot of people here have already seen it, so you may want to finish it up before discussing it much with users here, else you risk getting spoiled.

  6. #141932012-02-23 22:05:25WalkerYumasaki said:

    Darus future wife better be 2D or he is a traitor! @Fieyr, well I have already played the visual novel through at least twice so I kind of already spoiled the ending for myself haha. They might be different but so far they line up pretty well so I doubt it.

  7. #142072012-02-24 00:18:52Sutol said:
    Spoiler (Show)
    I was thinking about this anime a while ago... Lol strange coincidence, I don't have a favourite character but I was remembering that 'eat a lot veggies for a healthy baby' or something like that and that boy Ruka actually turned into a girl? I think...?
  8. #142642012-02-24 08:11:40momo said:

    Still ignoring this show, will not get dragged into it until I get a chance to play the VN. Here's to hoping for the Steam release to go through!

  9. #143972012-02-25 10:03:49break said:

    i recently started playign the VN, its preeetty good so far. the cell-phone system is particularly interestign as it allows the game to get interestign conversations with characters that arent even in the scene, therefore saving a lot of space while developign the less plot-important character traits of the lot, and the stuff oyu can actually get from that (songs and pics they send you) gives oyu soemthign to play around with and a sense of realistically to the whole thing. very unique idea.

    the anime is godly of course too.

    the main difference between okarin in the anime and okarin in the original is that in the anime, its pretty obviosu eaely on that the whole hoouin kyouma and organization-acting is a personae okarin built and he is aware its not true; in the VN, its harder to tell wether he actually takes his delusions seriously or not, especially at the beginning.