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  1. "DLC" what's your take?

    #142252012-02-24 01:59:26 *Settsuo-kun said:

    Well this is has been the topic of the gaming community for a while now. DLC has taken on monstrous new forms, with season passes, online passes, and general useless over-priced crap. Now don't let the bad fool you there are some DLC, which are actually worth it. The GTA IV DLC being one of them among others.

    DLC, is supposed to expand upon an already complete experience. Basically your doing it for more experiences to one you thought was hard to top.

    Have developers forgotten this, or is it publishers pushing for this? Is it us gamer's who have forgotten this?

    What's your take on DLC?

    Forgot my original poll idea (_-_)? But here's one, anyway

  2. #142752012-02-24 09:10:36Cliff said:

    well, i wish it was easier to get because you can get something like the costumes for DDF:Duodecim or extra missions in God Eater Burst.

  3. #142972012-02-24 14:49:23CrimsonAlchemist said:

    I don't like paying DLC, they are a way to make a game more rentable when you should have already most of contents. Not to mention 60 bucks is already a heavy price to pay for most people and some don't want to have a psn/xbox/other online account.

    Completely non-mandatory adds are ok (side bosses for example... broken endgame weapons, sidequests that goes into plot/characters' development are off-limits) Free DLC are perfectly fine (who would be against bug fixes ?).

  4. #143172012-02-24 19:23:41 *Sogran said:

    DLC is, overall, a great way to expand on a game; so long as it is done right. Look at oblivion, for instance. The horse armor DLC was entirely pointless, it was nothing but an expensive aesthetic difference. However, the Shivering Isles DLC was practically another main quest onto itself, greatly increasing the length of the game and prolonging oblivion's shelf-life.

    Don't get me wrong, I don't think people should have to pay for content that they should have gotten when they bought the game, but I do think that using DLC as a form of releasing what essentially amounts to expansion packs is a great way to go. It reduces the cost of production because you don't need to put a hard copy on shelves and it can continue to draw new buyers to a game that is aging and otherwise not selling as well; while simultaneously generating additional profits for the developers. It could also be argued that for these reasons it is easier for smaller companies and indie-developers to break into the expansion-pack market.


    DLC is good if it's done right.

  5. #143242012-02-24 20:36:40Kuru said:

    If the DLC has quality and doesn't have to do anything with the initial release, then I don't see it as a problem.

    Recently Mass Effect 3 was planning on giving something crucial to the games plot to people who payed extra. This is an example of bullshit.

  6. #146012012-02-26 09:29:07MyogiWarrior34 said:

    I don't mind the DLC thing, I believe it's better than buying ANOTHER COPY of the same game that has a few little added features. It saves you time, money & closet space for one.

    But as DC pointed out, there are good DLC and there are bad DLC.

    Gran Turismo 5 has good DLC though some are quite pricey for their labels. :/

  7. #146792012-02-26 22:51:30Blacklight said:

    -What should we do for DLC for Assassin's Creed 2? -I know, how about we cut out some parts of the main story and just fast forward it? -GREAT IDEA.

    That was a bad way to do DLC. Map Packs also blow. 15$ for 5 maps? HAH

  8. #151052012-02-28 19:29:05Settsuo-kun said:

    My stance on DLC. I hope next generation they try to encourage user involvement and offer creative kits for console games. I'm dreaming, but let's all hope this comes true.

  9. #151072012-02-28 19:32:46Noodle said:

    If there is a DLC that they out time working on after the release of the game I would pay for it (if I find it interesting) but if they release a DLC a week after the release of the game it's just plain bullshit.