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Parent: [Life] Message to anyone!

  1. #14362011-12-28 10:46:18zatsunen said:

    Dear you,

    I don't know what happened? Can you explain to me? If you were that busy with your life, would it be that hard to just send me a message. You didn't even need to apologise. I see you online all the time yet back when I still tried, you never replied to my messages. Why are you ignoring me?

    Didn't we have fun? I read our old chats once in a while and they have me in stitches, laughing my head off. Did you outgrow that? It's not like I can't make intelligent conversation too, but it was just natural to joke around with you. What happened to ganging up on Vick when we meet up at conventions? Our alliance?

    I had so many good memories with you, so many texts I haven't had the heart to delete yet. Why did you disappear? Why are we no longer friends on facebook? How could you disappear without saying anything? I don't expect you to be my friend again, I don't think I could treat you the same again. But I wish you could just tell me why you suddenly stopped talking to me. Was it because I didn't pick up on it quick enough? Sorry I only realised you stopped talking me after a few months of silence, I have a life too. Though I hoped you would become part of my life, it seems it wasn't meant to be.

    I can wait forever for someone if I was in the wrong and hurt them, but if I haven't done anything at all to offend and they just disappear without a word, yet still be tantalisingly within my reach, it hurts too much to hold on.

    I haven't let go yet. I'm an idiot, I forgive much too quickly. But... you haven't made a move.. yet? Will you?

    Will you just become a bitter-sweet memory?