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  1. Dance Dance Colorless~ Project! COME DANCE WITH US

    #14562011-12-28 13:02:44 *Shirosuke said:

    Hello Hello My children and Children-to-be!

    Well, It's the end of the year and I was listening to DJ Earworm's Music mashup... and I came with this idea:

    Let's all make a dance vid together!!

    Listen to the track World Go Boom here

    What I am thinking is that you send in a vid with you dancing for the whole song, or for at least 30 secs then we can cut and edit the vid so that it contains all the dancers!

    So whether you are a pro at dancing, beginner, troll, just know how to shake your booty, You are all welcome to join!

    Anyone want to help with editing the actual video?

    Also any Cosplay, moustaches, anything you feel is Colorless-related would be awesome! Yeah you can also dance with a duck or whatever if you feel like it. Airguitar, CaramellDansen is all you can do? IT'S FINE! DO IT!! XD Keep the striptease to minimum though lol! (I wouldn't mind it, but I would RATHER spare those of you with futures from looking back on this with dread)


    still time to sign up!!! Sign up please!

    Upload your vids to mediafire or 4shared, then pm me the link! Thank you!!


    @Shirosuke @Ipotane @HutchHutchenson @Jake (RECIEVED) @PureBoredom @Crazymexican @Sammi @Mrtrain @Arachne @Kosukechan @Mairu_Orihara and her bro? @pontakun @AnimeShifter @N1xx (RECIEVED) @Deathbybiscuit @MrKoreanBBQ @pepakurara @Akirasaki

  2. #14602011-12-28 13:55:26hais said:

    i am praying someone who will enter will do the twerk dance this is a great project but i'm too embarrassed to dance sobs

  3. #15412011-12-28 17:31:17 *Sammi said:

    ..I might do it, but i can't dance. ...Well, I can, but i'll jiggle a bit (i'm just a tad pudgy). ....Wait..that means.. I CAN DO THE TRUFFLE SHUFFLE! F*CK YA! I'll think about it, and give you my final thoughts sometime later.

  4. #15652011-12-28 18:32:12MrTrain said:

    I'll participate. At first I thought we might be doing something related to DDR, so I was planing on showing off me skill at that because appearently I look like a duck while dancing DDR. :0

  5. #17032011-12-28 21:45:51Sammi said:

    @ Shriosuke

    Could you take my name off the list? I told my mom that I needed to borrow her camera(I don't have one anymore .n.) so I could send the video to you guys, and she said no...dammit. AND I WONT STEAL HER CAMERA WHEN SHE'S GONE..That's called stealing, and I don't wanna do it. But sorry for not being able to dance..I feel bad.

  6. #18942011-12-29 03:09:49Mairu said:

    My brother and I MIGHT join. Depends on his schoolwork being finished and my other projects... SO its a maybe~

  7. #19882011-12-29 10:09:38n1xx said:

    Oh, this looks like quite a lot of fun! I'll be joining in! Furthermore, I can help with the editing if it is needed. :]