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do you support homosexuality?

  1. #151532012-02-28 22:30:57 *Mau said:

    Sorry, but to get things back on track.

    My stance on Homosexuality is that homosexuality doesn't matter. What someone does with someone else in their own time, is no ones business but the two people (or more if that's their kind of thing) involved.

    I think people really need to just mind their own business and let people carry on with their lives, so long as they are not bringing any harm to another person. As for the moral aspect of homosexuality, I don't see it as being immoral, is it truly immoral to be in love with someone? To be attracted to someone? Or to desire happiness? (So long as its not at someone else's expense)

    And if it is, then everyone is immoral. Not only that, there's the old saying of "Treat others how you wish to be treated". You don't have to support their life decisions, but still, treat them as a human being.

    @Gyl When did I say I didn't give a damn about your opinion? I do give a damn about it, if I didn't I wouldn't have even engaged in this conversation with you in the first place. Someone is having comprehension troubles again...

    Yeah, you should get some wet wipes, you got a little shit on the corner of your mouth...

  2. #151622012-02-28 22:45:04 *gyl said:

    Sniffing shit? that's how touched you are? nice one.

    Who said I didn't treat homos as human beings? (Here we go again) You got some trouble with your comprehension again eh? I don't hate and support homos

    Anyway I'm going to treat you like you have shit on the corner of your mouth too. "Treat others how you want to be treated" You're applying it in a biased way

  3. #151642012-02-28 22:50:47 *Mau said:

    @Gyl I'm not sniffing shit, what I am doing is crying tears of joy. Knowing that you care oh-so much about us.

    The first part of my post wan't even referring to you. I was stating my general opinion about homosexuality. The later part was. You know? That part where your name is? Sorry for not breaking it down more for you. I forgot that you have the comprehension of a 3rd grader.

  4. #151712012-02-28 23:02:15 *Mau said:


    Yes, you do, you want to feel like someone is just like you. Because you want someone to relate to. But I'm sorry, the only person here that's has shit on the corner of their mouth is you.

    My post about my stance on Homosexuality, wasn't referring to you, and wasn't even considering you.

    Now, go back to not caring, and inserting cylindrical instruments into your mouth.

    And now I'd like to apologize for deterring the thread into undesirable territory. I'm really, and I'm done with this thread I've contributed to enough damage in here.

  5. #151742012-02-28 23:12:22gyl said:

    @Maudia What cylindrical instruments?

    I'm sorry for treating you the same way you treated me. The piece of shit in your mouth is long gone. That brain of yours is full of it.

  6. #155442012-03-02 13:27:53Cloud-VK said:

    @gyl and @Maudia i think you two out did yourselves ...

    in one way the fights that break out on this place are very entertaining....but I think it would serve the threads better if we tryed to mantain the peace ...

    @Flywalker37 I have to agree


  7. #197662012-03-26 00:26:27SETTON18 said:

    Im perfectly ok with homosexualls im a bisexual women i love anal sex like some gay men i love sucking cock like some gay men i love having sex with men and women

  8. #197702012-03-26 00:43:37Chestnut_Rice said:

    Homosexuals should have the same legal rights as heterosexual couples, but the term "marriage" should be left up to religious institutions to define. That is not the state's business.

    On the personal level, I'm fine with bisexuals and homosexuals. From my experience they really aren't that different from straight people and I don't mind their company, although I'm not gay my self.

  9. #197752012-03-26 01:08:34Chestnut_Rice said:

    @DarkChaplain I honestly don't know how to respond to this. What are you trying to say? I mean that legal homosexual unions should be held in the same regard as legal heterosexual unions. Whether or not such unions are viewed as "marriages" should be left up to the religious establishment. Whether or not the union is called a "marriage" should have no bearing on the rights that the couple receive.