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Birthday Thread

  1. #67612012-01-15 19:44:30hais said:


    @Aoi231 you're welcome!<3 i'm glad you liked it~ and sorry for the commotion on the thread when it's your birthday~<3

  2. #69832012-01-16 12:26:57hais said:
    Happy Birthday to @kodochastar!
    Here is your birthday card!

    If your birthday has already past (i.e, between December 1st and January 16th) i will not be making any cards anymore for you, it's too much hassle for me dskgdhlkgh. @Blacklight, please forget the inbox that i have sent you last week.
  3. #71482012-01-17 03:41:01InsaneBoredGame said:


    Why do you have to be a nice person, kodo? I could have written something mean if you were just a tiny bit more douchey. Now, I have to settle with just saying "happy birthday" like everybody else!


    Happy Birthday, Kodo. You're a pretty cool person. Enjoy your special day~

  4. #81212012-01-22 00:20:09hais said:

    Happy Birthday to @Gargron!!

    I'm really sorry but I stupidly placed you in February 22nd, not January. ;_; so I've sent you an inbox about the birthday card!~

    We hope you have a wonderful birthday and we'd like to thank you for all your hard work and for creating thecolorless along with ryan~<3