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Parent: The Colorless AMV Contest! (Recruiting Judges!)

  1. #148922012-02-27 23:52:57 *n1xx said:


    Greetings to all watchers and participants! As we approach the deadline date for the third round's submissions, an extension will be proposed in order to offer a chance to those who have yet to finish their AMV. Furthermore, for all those who would like an early start in the upcoming Judge Panel, applications are now open!

    A Possible Deadline Extension

    As it was initially planned, the submission cycle for this round was scheduled to end this Friday, March 2nd. However, due to February being a very busy month because of either midterms, work, or even the start of classes for some, an extension to the deadline will be proposed, once again.

    As a result, a poll is now available, in order for the community to make its choice. All members who wish to vote, can access the poll at the end of this first post.

    The choices are the following four:

    • A two-week extension.
    • A four-week extension(one month).
    • A six-week extension.
    • No extension at all.

    This poll is scheduled to end on Wednesday, February 28th at 11:59 PM, in the Eastern Timezone.

    If none of these extensions satisfy your schedule, please propose a new deadline date in this thread. The alternative of sending me a private message is also possible. I also promise to do everything in my power to find a common time slot for all who dearly wish to be able to participate. <3

    Judge Panel Applications

    This part of the announcement is directed mostly to those who would like an early start as a judge in this contest. I will please ask for applications to either be sent to me by private message or to be posted in this thread.

    Before applying, I recommend reading the following judging criteria that will be the subject of your potential work.

    (This information is also available on the first page of this thread.)

    1. Synchronization(/10): The grade is given based on the editor's ability to have properly timed the audio track with the events in the video.

    2. Rendering(/10): This is somewhat like evaluating the overall quality of the AMV, but by only considering the final scaling. As an example, if the frames appear stretched or if the resolution changes from one scene to another, points will be removed.

    3. Theme Representation(/10): A character tribute is the objective of this round. Evaluation will be based on how easy it is to distinguish the AMV's protagonist and how well he/she is represented.

    4. Originality(/10): As the title says it, this category gives freedom to the evaluators, in what concerns their views on the originality of an AMV. Points will mostly be given out, based on never-before-seen content.

    As it can be deductible by reading the information above, members of the judge panel will be evaluating all entries by giving a personal grade between 0 and 10, for each judging criteria. An average will then be calculated by them at the end, which will determine each and every judge's Top 3 choices. Furthermore, a sentence or two is recommended to explain the reasoning behind the given evaluation and to potentially offer constructive improvement possibilities.

    Editor Recruitment

    I am currently meticulously preparing a chorus project that I will be proposing to The Colorless community, as soon as it will be ready to launch. My current plan is to offer small editing jobs, instead of full ones, in order to not put too much work on one's shoulders.

    Whether you are an experienced editor or one who has used this contest to develop video-editing skills, I will be more than happy to offer you a job in this project to come. Please send me a private message if ever you would like to register for an early start! I thank you in advance for your consideration! ;3

    @Mairu_Orihara Thank you so much for the detailed video-editing software list! I'll make sure to update the opening post with this additional information. <3

    @Momimochi I'm glad to see you back for this round! Hopefully, I will be able to watch one of your submissions, by the deadline. :>

    @Jake Of course you can join! I have already added you to the participant list~

    @kosukechan It's quite unfortunate that I made it here too late to watch your submission. Fortunately, 4Shared is indeed an option for you, if you prefer to not take any more chances with Youtube.

    @Rommel175 An amazing submission matching exactly what is expected out of this round's theme. I have almost forgotten how spectacular Cowboy Bebop's animation was for its time. <3

    @Inasda It is quite sad that you have dropped out of this round, but I hope to see you in our next possible ones. ;>