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  1. I'll be doing a radio show!

    #149822012-02-28 09:08:44 *momo said:

    Tonight, Tuesday, February 28th at 10PMEST I will be playing a 2-hour radio show in main chat. I'd love for everyone to check it out so be sure to stop by chat at 10PM EST(3AM GMT) and give it a listen!

    I will not be taking many requests, but if you'd like to suggest music to be played, post a youtube/soundcloud/bandcamp/download link to the song in this thread. While there will not be a general them to the music played, I will be shying away from Japanese and mainstream music. If you post something that falls into one of those two categories, do not expect me to play it.

    If this goes well enough, I might make it a regular occurrence.

    Radio is on now in chat, tune in!

    I will be providing a track list and downloadable version of the radio show afterwards.

  2. #149862012-02-28 10:12:18 *Ecstasy said:

    I'll probably hear part of it.

    edit: ugh, I mixed the time edit 2: lol, no I didn't.

    03 a.m. GMT 07 a.m. here

  3. #149932012-02-28 11:01:46momo said:


    I planned on having this as a one-man thing, as it is quite hard to route another person's audio through it. Maybe I could prerecord something with someone? Is there anything specific you wanted to hear?

  4. #150612012-02-28 16:44:37 *Zechs said:

    Play this, its educational and a real toe tapper

    Unfortunately, I'll be missing it, as I'll be going to a symphony performance (Final Fantasy Music :D). SUPER excited.

  5. #151022012-02-28 19:10:13Settsuo-kun said:

    You must play this even just once, been listening to this song for years and I still can't get enough of it.

    I might tune in to also request some metal gear remixes I have stored away.