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  1. How did you start watching Doctor Who?

    #15332011-12-28 17:18:39Gargron said:

    Which season did you start with, and in which consequence did you watch all the seasons?

    I start with a random episode from the 6th season, liked it, and started watching the 5th season from the beginning. Then I caught up on the 6th season. When I reached the then-latest episode, I started watching the 2nd season, then through to the 4th. At last I watched the 1st season.

    I replicated this sequence when getting my parents into it. I explain it like this: the Matt Smith seasons are really visually appealing, so it's easier to get hooked up.

  2. #15442011-12-28 17:37:16hais said:

    I used to watch it a while ago. I watched it with Billie Piper and the Doctor before David Tennant (forgot his name, chris something sdjkfhdfg) and I watched it since then~

    But ever since Catherine Tate joined, i kinda stopped watching then and haven't watched it since.

  3. #15612011-12-28 18:12:23Decae said:

    Well, I watch a lot of youtube vloggers, and my favourites are charlieissocoollike and nerimon. Both of these are huge fans of Doctor Who and make very many references to the show. I decided to try it out on a whim, just to see what all the fuss was about, and now I am a dedicated Whovian.

    I started with season 1 of the new series with Eccleston, and I'm about to go and watch the old ones soon.

  4. #16112011-12-28 19:57:07mailouu said:

    I was stuck in a apartment for a whole weekend with my best friend, and she had packed the 5th and the 6th season of Doctor Who with her, and I've been addicted ever since! I haven't seen season 1 or 2 yet..

  5. #17402011-12-28 22:50:21 *sully said:

    i only watched david and billie after they left i was like fuck this, and left about a year later checked in and it's pretty good with the new doctor. i guess the main reason why i stopped watching back then is not because i didn't like the new doc but i wasn't ready for the change.... and i had a major crush on david Tennant and i guess i still do... but the innocent child crush turned into an obsession and obsession with a young adult can develop into something worse... and it keeps growing O.OO.

  6. #17952011-12-29 00:11:58Kyuuun said:

    I started watching with my uncle. I was at his house sleeping over and i think i was like 7 or 8 and i think it was Ecclestone. It was really scary so I stopped. Then when i was like 10 i went over my uncles and there was Tennant and in my beautiful 10 year old brain, i wanted to shag him hard but i was too scared so i stopped and now i am caught up and on going.

  7. #18012011-12-29 00:20:08judar said:

    I'm probably one of the few people who stuck around for Tate and Tennant! I started with Billie and Christopher and have never stopped since (the way I describe it . . . it sounds like a drug.)

  8. #18132011-12-29 00:53:05DSP said:

    I started from an old movie with the DALEKS and a non canon doctor played by Peter cushing.

    I really got into doctor who through the new-who era, watched from the second episode of eccleston's run because I missed the premiere, haven't missed a single doctor who episode since!

  9. #18172011-12-29 01:06:58Elegy said:

    My sister is big on British TV; back when it was starting up again with the 9th doctor she called me over to watch it. Since then I watched (almost) all of the new epsidoes, as well as went back and watched some of Tom Baker's 4th doctor.

    Unfortunately I had my interest in the series completely destroyed for me by over exposure of rabid fandom from a friend I got into it. So. Much. Regret. Because of that I hold a fiery hate in my heart for the 11th, and never finished his first season. I know I shouldn't but... ugh.

  10. #18312011-12-29 01:29:32Decae said:

    @Elegy: I hated Eleven at first because I was upset over Ten's departure. I eventually got over it though, but I can completely understand your problem. I get so damn annoyed at all these girls who obsess over Ten for no apparent reason besides them finding him attractive. I mean, he's fairly good-looking, but that should be the last thing to think of when justifying your love for him as the Doctor.

  11. #18422011-12-29 01:45:34 *Elegy said:

    @Decae Actually.. the obsession she had was initially Tennant but moved to Matt Smith. That's where the hate actually spawns from.

    I never really hated the 11th all that much to begin with. I mean, I was sad back when Tennant replaced the 9th because I'd watched it as it was coming out, so I'd known Eccleston for a good year but eventually I moved on. Granted, having a great doctor like Tennant for several seasons leave was depressing, but I knew I'd come to accept it and begin to like Matt Smith. Or I thought I would until lolololfanartlololobsessionlololcosplayloloI'm never gonna fucking shut up everlololspouting jokeslolololquoteslolol It was... painful.

  12. #19542011-12-29 06:26:07sl350 said:

    i started with the 10th doctor and the cybermen i was all like o ok there in another dimesion wait how is it bigger on the insi.. oh shit metal dudes killing people

  13. #22592011-12-30 00:50:33 *Torph said:

    I was just channel surfing and found a re-run from Christopher Ecclestone's series. The papers and such wouldn't shut the hell up about the new series, so I decided to watch it.

    I've watched all of the new series' episodes since then

  14. #26952011-12-31 08:05:44maelid said:

    Found the...5th and 6th season I believe (the 11th doctor's seasons starting from the first episode with Matt Smith) on Comcast, and got hooked. Once I was done with the episodes they offered me, I moved on to the first season and have been working my way up. I want to watch the old (original) seasons sometime though.