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Parent: Talent

  1. #154542012-03-01 21:53:30momo said:


    Stop making sense, this is supposed to incite a flamewar, maaaan

    It has been stated already, but talent doesn't get you jack-shit without work. I graduated with a 2.8GPA, but would routinely score in the 99th percentile when taking state standardized tests. I'd have a 0% average for homework and classwork, but 100% for tests and participation. I had the skills, but I was a lazy bum and didn't want to do homework when I excelled in the course material already.

    As a result, I got into practical universities with full scholarships, such as Johnson and Wales Culinary Institute; yet I couldn't get into a state uni for the life of me, and was turned down at every door for scholarship money. I had the talent, but didn't work hard, and that kicked my ass in the end.

    Talent can make everything easier, but if you're a lazy sack of shit, you're not going anywhere.