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  1. An answer to the Reply Girls problem: Replyboyz

    #158632012-03-04 11:44:59Gargron said:

    YouTube is currently having the problem of Reply Girls, people, usually with large cleavages, who hijack related videos of famous channels with their useless replies. This is an example of such a reply video.

    Let's hear your stand on reply girls!

  2. #158642012-03-04 11:59:07Trev said:

    YouTube partners are selected and paid based entirely on views, not likes. The girls are simply using their cleavage to game the system for monetary gain.

    Don't click on their videos, not even to mock them.

  3. #158682012-03-04 14:21:07Sammi said:

    Every time I go to watch some videos by Smosh or something, I see some chick with cleavage. And whenever I see that, I think two things: 1) Damn, my boobs are too small to have cleavage. 2) GET THIS FUCKING CLEAVAGE OUT OF MY FACE NOW.

  4. #159132012-03-04 21:21:53Momimochi said:

    ........ Cleavage, cool. Whatever. Seen enough of them in school already.

    Wasting my time, not cool. I mean, I just spent 1 second navigating my cursor there because the damned thumbnail looked entertaining, 0.66 seconds to load the page, another 0.5 seconds for the video to start playing and I, for one, frankly don't give two shits about girls giving reviews to random crap.

    But then again, cleavages are better than their voices. Some of them sounds like a dying piglet.