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  1. The continue of my closest friends(CL)

    #1592011-12-25 11:22:51 *shafnat said:

    Like before, i draw peoples that order me to draw them.. we start over again.. who will be the next? :)

  2. #8272011-12-27 01:17:40shafnat said:

    @InvisibleRainbow : uoh, i would like to! :D but i don't have any reference to draw you, maybe you can tell me how do you look like, or use any gravatar so i can draw you similar to it.. :D

    @wanderlust : you're welcome, Lusty -saan!! :D

  3. #8972011-12-27 04:18:31Agitation said:

    hugs Shafnat Thankyou SO much!! and happy holidays!!! ^__^ im gonna keep the pic you draw for me forever :) i LOVE it!! your getting a lot better at drawing! thank you~

  4. #19842011-12-29 09:42:09 *shafnat said:

    @Wolfangle : yeah, i noticed it too.. uh, actually i only draw them like their own gravatar or how they order me how they look like.. check gargron grav.. it's similar.. maybe next time i'll make your hair black to make it look different. :) (i want to repost that pic again, but i feel guilty to eterno san... ) :(

  5. #19922011-12-29 10:32:45MrTrain said:

    Hey yo, shafnat! You draw me and you, and I'll draw you and me, deal? Okay let's do this.

    That was the agreement for the last time you drew MrTrain, so now I'm returning my half of the deal. MrTrain & shafnat

  6. #21232011-12-29 20:47:00shafnat said:

    @MrTrain : WHOA!! GREAT!! THANK YOU!!!! :D you still remember our agreement and you do it! THANK YOU VERY MUCH!! IT IS GREAT!! XD uh, please teach me how to draw your head! :)

  7. #49612012-01-07 14:46:11shafnat said:
    Usually, i waste many ink if i draw this, but since i have my calligraphy pen i feel free to black the surface.. :)
    @crazymexican : is this right?
    @Maryam : Please teach me to draw your grava like MrTrain done to me!! :D
    @MrTrain : have i improved drawing your head? :)

    thank you for requesting me.. :)