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  1. Do you feel nostalgic towards your old pictures?

    #159672012-03-05 10:08:19eterno said:

    Whether it's old drawings, photographs, photoshops, etc. Do you feel nostalgia when you're looking at them?

    I am. I just looked over my old drawings and photographs where I thought they sucked and was ready to laugh at myself. But surprisingly, I didn't and in fact I think they're pretty decent despite the mistakes. I feel that I was more 'creative' back then than I am now, technical and theoretical.

    So let that be the second question. Anyone feels the same way?

  2. #159782012-03-05 11:55:52Ethereal said:

    I have to answer yes to both those questions, for sure. Whenever I look at any of those sorts of things I get flooded with Nostalgia.

    Also, when I look at past things I made I definitely made much more creative pieces back then. I had problems just trying to think of things to make these days, where as before I could go in and make anything and make it look nice from the sheer creativeness, and the crazy techniques I'd use.

    Have to say I feel the same way, for sure.

  3. #159872012-03-05 13:45:29Keri said:

    This seems really redundant. . . I think it's common knowledge that people feel nostalgic when looking at old photos, drawings etc.

  4. #160912012-03-06 01:18:17AlphaHikari_1A14 said:

    Oh yeah. I take one look at some of my old drawing and photographs, and its like a trip down memory lane. In my own opinion, I put in a lot more effort back then than I do now. Even though my technique and speed has improved, my desire to do anything with my work has left me. I find it relaxing to look at old photos and pictures, even if it is just to remind myself of the differences between then and now.

  5. #161772012-03-06 08:57:40momo said:

    I do not feel nostalgic from old photos, but from old "feelings". A certain "feeling" of a day may send me in a bout of nostalgia. For instance, a certain temp and breeze reminds me of a night that I spent 5 hours playing Pokemon Gold (catching the Red Gyarados at Rage Lake) at school while waiting for my orchestra concert to start.

    I have, however, felt a bit of longing for older times when perusing my personal old imageboard thread archives. Old memes, old discussions, and old projects. Reviewing these things reminds me of what shaped me online, and what came prior than that. All of this to shape me into the idiot I am now.

  6. #162762012-03-06 18:41:28loploplopl said:

    I have a horrible memory so I don't feel anything towards old pictures. I forget names in a snap but numbers are the only things that stay.

  7. #162782012-03-06 18:59:39Momimochi said:

    .... I normally "What the hell happened to that adorable kid?" when I look at any old pictures. Any, including those adorable kiddie pictures that are not mine.

  8. #163282012-03-06 22:08:27 *hais said:

    am i kawaii yet???
    edit: i smh at what i used to dress like and how i used to edit my things, but i always look over the things my friends have written in my leaver's book so i kinda think back to the old days ;~;