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  1. Markdown and BBCode Basic Tutorial!

    #16502011-12-28 20:41:15 *Trev said:

    Okay, so I've gone over how to post pictures in Markdown and BBCode, and a couple of you have said that it'd be nice if I went over some of the most common functions for creating post formatting here.

    This post will discuss hyperlinking and embedding pictures in Markdown, and a few other neat little tricks to make your posts look better or generally stand out more.

    From Daring Fireball: Markdown Basics --

    Markdown offers two styles of headers: Setext and atx. Setext-style headers for <h1> and <h2> are created by “underlining” with equal signs (=) and hyphens (-), respectively. To create an atx-style header, you put 1-6 hash marks (#) at the beginning of the line — the number of hashes equals the resulting HTML header level.

    For demonstration:






    Blockquotes are indicated using email-style ‘>’ angle brackets, as I did to show you the previous quote.

  2. #16562011-12-28 20:47:19Trev said:

    To make lists, just put pluses or hyphens in front of your list elements.

    Reasons why Trev is awesome
    • He was the state spelling bee champion in fifth grade.

    • He can speak fluent Russian, in French.

    • He doesn't need another guy to talk to a woman.

  3. #16652011-12-28 20:50:37Trev said:

    You can use asterisks or underscores for emphasis.

    Your mom is fat. Your mom is *fat*.

    Your mom is really fat. Your mom is **really fat**.

    And you can use the left-leaning single quote (that's the one on the ~ key on American keyboards) to denote areas of code that you don't want the Markdown parser to remove. That's how I show you what I write for my examples. Just put it at the beginning and the end of the section you don't want parsed, and it'll show up in a monospace font.

  4. #16692011-12-28 20:55:01 *Trev said:

    For hyperlinking, use the text for your link in square brackets [] followed by the link URL in parentheses ().

    Winter is coming. [Winter is coming.](http://antarc.tk/)

    For picture embed, do the same, but put a ! before the first square bracket.

    Cats cuddling.![Cats cuddling.](http://i.imgur.com/bIfUL.jpg)

  5. #16752011-12-28 21:01:36 *Trev said:

    To embed an image, use the [IMG] and [/IMG] tags around it.

    [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/UjNe4.jpg[/IMG] http://i.imgur.com/UjNe4.jpg

  6. #16812011-12-28 21:04:32 *Trev said:

    And if you're wondering why you can't embed YouTube videos on the new site:

    Well, you can! Just put the URL in the text and remove extraneous variables and our regular expression engine will take care of the rest.

  7. #19002011-12-29 03:25:31 *Jin_sama said:

    may i ask a question ? is there an easy way to make an image with a link ? like 99% of the time the image i post here r larger than the display, so i want people to be able to click on it and view to normal size version rather than have to write [ url=http://my.image.url.com][img]http://my.image.url.com[/img][/url]

    like the old colorless all we need to do is paste a link ._. that was really convenient..

  8. #20102011-12-29 11:26:22Trev said:

    @Jin_sama It was really convenient, wasn't it?

    The idea's on the table and if we decide to implement it, it'll go into announcements once it's working.

  9. #36122012-01-03 04:59:10Trev said:


    We may start doing that. It'd require an extra database field or some other memory device besides a cookie, necessarily, but it's possible.

    I'll add it to the list of suggestions on our board.