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  1. If you could make any anime your life witch would it be?

    #166222012-03-08 04:16:50 *cj3366 said:

    The title is pretty self-explanatory: which anime, if any, would you like your life to be like and why if you feel like it (make changes to it if you like).

  2. #166282012-03-08 05:20:47cj3366 said:

    fuck fuckity fuck fuck i cant believe i did something so stupid(was watchin vids as i made thread wasn't paying attention)

  3. #166292012-03-08 05:22:26Momimochi said:

    @kuraihikari You mean spelling nazi. If you're talking about grammar, that whole thing is a run-on and there are no punctuations and capitalizations at all.

    And I swear I've seen a thread on this before here. That, or I'm going batshit insane.

    On topic: ........ Seitokai Yakuindomo.

  4. #166302012-03-08 05:45:19Gargron said:

    @Momimochi I don't like the term 'grammar/spelling nazi' because oit was coined by people who did not like to spell right and thought it did not matter. And 'police' is more correct because in contrary to nazis police is supposed to help/correct you in a way.

  5. #166552012-03-08 08:13:31 *momo said:

    wait... that is quite normal.

    Honey and Clover!

    Kinda normal too

    Welcome to the NHK!

    Actually a pretty bad idea.

    Serial Experiments Lain!

    But I already spend so much time online.

    Dennou Coil!

    See previous fault

    The Nasuverse!

    Nope nope nope nope nope, I'd make for a terrible mage/servant.


    Now this might work. Chill and fun, right up my alley.

  6. #166602012-03-08 08:41:43Ethereal said:

    I was thinking of Honey and Clover, too.. Hmm, if not Honey and Clover I'd probably have to go with Mnemosyne.

    Get to see the progress of hundreds of years, meet all sorts of people. Be able to go on crazy missions, too, since you'd have little of fear of dying xD Not much holding you back from experiencing a few hundred years of meeting new people, though it would get really depressing at times.

  7. #166612012-03-08 09:23:54hais said:


    Now this might work. Chill and fun, right up my alley.

    and Natsume Yuujinchou, because of the youkai and obvious reasons. (((nyanko come to meeee)))

  8. #170382012-03-10 04:13:03AnubisHellsing said:

    This is going to sound Corny and probably very typical, but if i could make any anime like my life i would pick Durarara, the idea of my life like that appeals to me coming from a small town with not much to do and then moving to a city where there danger, love interesting people and adventure. But mostly because i too live in a town with an endless horizon but with nothing to look at.

  9. #170652012-03-10 10:03:28CrimsonAlchemist said:

    Welcome to the NHK (anime version) If I can have Misaki-chan ^^ Cage Of Eden If I can have Rion :o FMA Well Alchemy is badass.... and there is winry :)