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CL Coliseum The Battle is Over, our Champion made!

  1. #27452011-12-31 11:33:26 *One said:

    So I thought I already posted who I chose to be up against since I'm a wildcard and all but I guess I didn't. I had everyones name in a hat and the person whom I will be fighting is none other than the lucky Bones with the Xastre warrior. I decided to go with the hat method because everyone had a good and interesting character and that made it difficult for me to really choose. And I didn't want to be biased to the participants.

  2. #31902012-01-02 04:40:33Akri said:

    Thank you for the extension! It's really helpful since I was out most of last week, and this week I have to prepare for starting classes again. :>

  3. #46812012-01-06 14:05:11GallantFox said:

    fckfckfckfckfck FRACK MEEEEE!!!!

    nowhere near done, but I'm leaving Sydney for a hole with no internet in a couple of hours and cannot finish. If I don't come back in time to fix it please accept my humblest deepest and sincerest apologies for my wonderfully crappy time management and take this to be my submission.

    Even more sincere apologies @kuraihikari. Sorry man.


  4. #48112012-01-07 01:26:34 *Elegy said:

    @Gallantfox Nice work, even if it's unfinished. I've been managing my time awfully. I'll be lucky to get it in on time at this rate, even with the deadline extension. Bah.

  5. #48172012-01-07 01:49:00 *break said:

    @Elegy same here, actually. i gotta get going already, argh! i keep postponing continuing on the work, its awful. gotta find a job for soem time too and manage everythign anf argh.

  6. #48252012-01-07 02:42:54DSP said:

    I have one image roughed XD I need to hurry up ;u; I think I might turn it into a short comic now seeing as everyone is doing a comic.