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  1. Feeling feels and letting others feel your feels.

    #197462012-03-25 21:15:55Chestnut_Rice said:

    What is a feel? It's a very strong feeling. Usually of sadness, but not necessarily. The whole reason "that feel" as a phrase was conceived was to convey feelings that don't quite fit in to simple categories such as "happy" and "sad". One could describe a feel as "that feel when X". Or "that X feel". Feels can come from very strange places. You might get a feel when on the bus and you see a couple making out. Others might not get a feel from this. Or, they might get a different feel than you. Feels can also come from predictable places, such as the endings of very moving stories. Feels should be shared, for this is the best way to understand them. Come and share your feels here. Tell us what your feels are. What kinds of feels do you like feeling? What kinds of feels did you get from certain anime or other stories? Don't be afraid to live your feels. And remember, we know that feel bro.

  2. #199412012-03-27 00:40:53Mau said:


    I don't feel like myself anymore. Those are my feels.

  3. #201902012-03-29 04:41:03Chestnut_Rice said:

    Sorry, I've never felt that feel before. I don't think I'd want to feel that feel that the people in that video are feeling. It seems like a bad feel to me.

  4. #202002012-03-29 06:41:34 *shafnat said:

    @Chestnut_Rice : thanks, i know that.. but, still..sometimes i cant get to other people conversation.. @SENsei : hey, that is how i do a handshake with my mom after i'm going back to home after school! ^^

  5. #203222012-03-30 19:15:31InvisibleRainbow said:

    That feel when theres so many feels and they all jump in a feel toilet and swirl around to cause a feel toilet salad until the feels become a feel and your brain cant tell the difference so your feel toilet over flows with feel toilet salad..