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  1. Lumpy Space Princess (FC)

    #209792012-04-05 08:00:39wanderlust said:
    This is like, a fan club like, totally for LSP, and like her awesomeness and like you should all totally be fans of LSP and then talk to her friend Melissa like yeah, like nah uh, no not whatever.

    and My name is Dutchess Gummybuns!
  2. #210112012-04-05 18:09:54JacquesTheZombie said:

    The show is good since here recently CartoonNetwork has finally started to bring some original shows like Adventure Time and Regular Show. Thank god that my group of guy friends like this show also. I am also happy that the people at CN arent complete idiots and made the show to dumb.

  3. #210162012-04-05 18:27:47InvisibleRainbow said:

    "Oh my glob Melissa, ever since Clara stopped eating meat, her skin looks so good! I mean, she still looks fat but, like, I can't say that junk to her face."