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  1. Random facts!:D Everybody loves them!

    #216782012-04-12 00:22:04 *NerdyFanBoy said:

    So I am new here, and I wanted to make a thread. So I didn't come up with alot of ideas.( @ __ @ ' ' ) So I thought for every person who replies to this thread they must say one fact about themselves. I'll start:When I am on the phone with friends I try to make my voice higher because I don't really like my voice.

  2. #216842012-04-12 00:53:08Noodle said:

    If I pass between two talking people I feel as if their bond rips straight through me and tries to take my soul.

  3. #217042012-04-12 03:42:25 *Inasda said:

    Since I don't have drama in my life at school, I can literally walk into the girls lockeroom and none would scream.

    I'm also right behind you ♪( ´▽`)

    But seriously, I am

  4. #217052012-04-12 04:14:15TalTal said:
    I know all the kids at my school by name.

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    considering there are only 276 of us that isn't that impressive
  5. #218072012-04-12 22:38:33Decae said:

    I put on various accents not just out of boredom, but because I hate American accents for some strange reason. They just all sound Southern to me now, and it just irks me.

  6. #218282012-04-13 02:10:41loploplopl said:

    I have broken two of my sisters bones:

    The first time she threw a rock and hit me in the head so I shoved her into a tree and broke her elbow.

    The second time she knocked me down at the ice rink so I rammed her into the the side of the rink and broke the opposite elbow from the first time.

  7. #219832012-04-14 18:57:32Maryam said:

    I am a goat that has been tainted by the penis of a human and even may have given him some sort of disease.