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  1. #226382012-04-19 10:01:45maelid said:

    @hais Lawl realised that I replied to the first post you ever made but w/e; for your alternate account did you use a separate e-mail ('cause I know they made a thing about that in the beta)

  2. #226572012-04-19 13:17:54Ucui said:

    @Kyuuun is in RavenClaw? HAHAHAH AHAAHHHHHHHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA OH CRAP!!! I'm literally dying with laughter right now. So hard. I can't. I can't even...

    Girl seriously though. You better have gotten into Gryffindor.

  3. #226792012-04-19 16:20:10judar said:

    Every other time I was sorted I tried to get into Ravenclaw . . . the one time I gave up and was true I actually got in. The sorting hat knows alllll.