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  1. The_Colorless: Contact (The Manga) (New Poll!)

    #221622012-04-15 21:48:07 *Flywalker37 said:

    Hello all. I've been really thinking and... I want an anime/manga version of me to be my gravatar for a long (LONG!) period of time. So, here's a picture:

    A very recent picture of me, see? Now I'd really appreciate it if you artists out there would draw a somewhat accurate picture of me in manganime form. Ooh, and perhaps chibi form, too? That'd be awesome.

    Ok, that's not all I'm using this for. Perhaps you all remember the failed manga strip thread from earlier in the year. I'm seriously considering making a manga based on CL, and perhaps finding some talented flash artist to help me make anime shorts to post up on Newgrounds.

    My first attempt at this, somewhere in January:

    Actually, It's be cool if you guys posted some pics, too. My shit needs characters. (I can draw, I just need the design. I'm feeling lazy.)

    tl;dr: Flywalker want talented mangaka from CL to draw him and CL members in manganime form so he can make gravatars and a manga.


    Artists Who I Think Would Be A Great Help:

    @pontakun @NomNomNyan @Inasda @shafnat @Agitation


    The Colorless: Contact something I just threw together, I hope it looks good enough~

    News Feed: -4/25/12 @shafnat posted an awesome anime version of me that isn't gay or racist! Awesomesauce! Can someone color this up, please?

    -4/16/12 @Inasda and I will attempt to work on this together. Wish us luck!