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The_Colorless: Contact (The Manga) (New Poll!)

  1. #224542012-04-17 17:57:00NomNomNyan said:

    I'd like to be a character in the manga, if you go through with it.

    It does interest me in an odd way!

    I also don't understand why you'd want me to draw... Im shit at drawing hands!!

  2. #224572012-04-17 18:14:07JacquesTheZombie said:

    Am I going to be in this @Flywalker37? I would love to be, but if you need a picture of me thats not going to happen, since the power at my house is out from a tornado and we dont have Wi-Fi currently because of it.

  3. #224742012-04-17 21:52:26Flywalker37 said:

    @JacquesTheZombie I'd really prefer if there was a picture, and I'm too lazy to nitpick at whether this is a lie or not.

    @NomNomNyan Cool, then you're one of the main characters, then. Can you say "love interest"?

    @Momimochi Do you mean, like @Shirosuke X @SENsei or something? I find that enjoyable, but I don't see how that would have a place in the 4koma. Further ideas would be /greatly/ appreciated.

  4. #224812012-04-17 23:11:26Flywalker37 said:

    @Momimochi oh, sorry, I skipped that one. I like that idea, maybe a later comic. @kosukechan ._____________________.

    Anywho, back to seriousness.

    Seriously, should I make the 4komas like this:

    or like this:

    Honestly, Megatokyo is the main reason I started this whole thing. When you get the chance, give it a read, from the beginning. Which is the link there. It's really good~

  5. #225332012-04-18 15:08:25NomNomNyan said:

    @flywalker37 mhm, not sure. People might think that something is actually happening outside of the manga, since i'm the 'love intrest' in the manga.

    When nothing is happening...

  6. #226912012-04-19 18:16:03JacquesTheZombie said:

    God damnit! I thought I was going to go this whole thing without anybody metioning that... I am not lying @Flywalker37. I live in Derby,Kansas next to Oaklawn and am a 16 year old Male, On saturday a tornado touched down near my house and knocked out our electricity and all of Oaklawns electricity out. We just got it back on last night but my dad has to pay for the internet to get it back on. I probablly wont post an actual picture of me, but I will post some kind of descriptive drawing, if thats okay.

  7. #229732012-04-22 05:37:12shafnat said:
    Done! with full of mistakes.. =.=

    i forgot that you don't use your glasses on that photo, and it's kinda more looks like @someone
    but if ya want me to redraw it, no problem.. ^^