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The_Colorless: Contact (The Manga) (New Poll!)

  1. #244592012-05-01 13:48:31 *Flywalker37 said:


    Working on the 4koma as we speak, will post the deets later.

    Also, just check the pic at the beginning of the thread lol. We could skype on Saturday if time allows.

  2. #252792012-05-09 18:24:57JacquesTheZombie said:

    @Flywalker37 @Inasda I posted a URL in one of my previous posts and said that if you could draw something like that with skull on shirt and no fur on hood then i would like it but in case you dont want to go back here it is again.


  3. #252872012-05-09 19:49:26eterno said:


    I... never thought of it that way before...

    Guys, this is a bad idea! STOP WHATEVER THE HELL YOU ARE DOING NOW!!!

    I mean, just look at the fucking title!

    The_Colorless: Contact

    It sounds like nothing's going to go wrong already!

    (Then again, it might be turn out to be less pretentious than it already seems if there were ships so it might be okay)

  4. #252982012-05-09 20:37:08InsaneBoredGame said:

    @eterno Oh no, it will be pretentious and will be put permanently on hiatus following the second chapter.

    I'm kinda meh about the whole thing. A CL manga cannot be a long-lasting project with frequent updates.

  5. #253072012-05-09 22:11:39 *eterno said:

    @InsaneBoredGame Well, it's just that while CL does have lots of awesome characters in it, there really isn't a story to it. After all, a story just doesn't pop out of nowhere. But since I'm a nice guy and all, I'm going to help you guys by providing the essential 15 questions you need to ask when working with any kind of story:

    1. Who is the main character?
    2. What do they want (their goal)?
    3. What is the universal need (often unconscious at the beginning) that makes them pursue their goal?
    4. Who or what opposes them (who is the antagonist)?
    5. What are the "Stakes" (what bad thing will happen to them if they fail)?
    6. What is the Central Question and where is it answered? (probably at the end)
    7. Does the main character achieve their goal?
    8. Does the main character fulfill their need?
    9. Whether they achieve their goal or fulfill their need, what do they learn?
    10. How is the audience being entertained?
    11. Does the main character change? (That is do they have an Arc?)
    12. If they have an Arc, what (or who-love interest) that helps them change?
    13. What are the themes or theme?
    14. Is there a premise? How does it work?
    15. Does the story work?

    Also, 5 elements of Drama: -Premise -Conflict that leads to -Crisis that leads to -Climax that leads to -Falling Action

    There you go and so far, this thread has discussed a grand total of 0 on any of these important points. Which is why this WILL fail.

  6. #253112012-05-09 23:28:30 *Mau said:

    Shipping is going to happen? Then there better be MuxTai. You cannot make a CL comic with shipping without it, it will not survive if you don't.

  7. #253652012-05-10 14:03:28Flywalker37 said:

    @eterno Thanks for the help on the story bit! We'll implement these as soon as we can. Thank you. @NomNomNyan We'll discuss your character and your place in the team in a while. @InsaneBoredGame This will be ALL I do once summer break starts. Right now, I have exams, so shit's tough. I did manage to get the name for the 1st 4koma done, so look forward to finished product soon. @Maudia shipping is meh... We'll discuss these later on.

    Thinking about doing this the old-fashioned way, with some good old printer paper and a G-Pen, some whiteout, etc...

    It's hard to do this update shit when I don't have my own PC to work with. If I at least nab the new iPad, I might be able to get more updates in (considering the site crashes mobile safari on my iTouch.)

    I deleted my facebook page because my mom wouldn't stop bitching. I'll make a new one by the end of the summer.

    @Inasda and I are in serious test-mode, so we're just at a standstill for the sake of our parents not bitching at us. Please be patient (^_^)

  8. #254212012-05-10 21:42:29InsaneBoredGame said:


    And if others get their Lovers, then I should get mine with @Claire-chan.

    The whole CL shipping thing? It's just fun and games. The way you continually harass Clairy in chat (when she gave off clear not-interested vibes)? Fucked up.

    Just because other users are having fun internet dating or roleplaying does not entitle you to Clairy. She is not an object. If you want a rp kink fest, ask Sen. He's more than happy.

    Personally, I just think you're being a whiny attention whore. That whole "I might leave so somebody say they love me so I won't" thread? The tip of the iceberg.

    So seriously, grow up and quit being such a bitch.