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Parent: The Colorless AMV Contest! (Recruiting Judges!)

  1. #222232012-04-16 04:26:35 *Rommel175 said:

    @Jake M.O.S.? Active, reserve, or National guard? I love learning about new battle buddies. and don't hesitate to ask about any kind of facet about military life. the first thing you need to learn the only dumb question is the one not asked.

    that said, everyone I'm willing to edit together files for people. send me what you have and I'll edit a rough copy, and you can add refinements as you see fit. If you win I WILL NOT ACCEPT ANYTHING, it was your idea, and you AMV! I just helped it make deadline, and i refuse to take credit for other peoples ideas. @n1xx IF that's ok by you, i just want some competition.