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  1. I hope nothing goes wrong :(

    #225842012-04-19 01:44:02BlueMoon said:

    I'm planning on disobeying my parents, and get my first pet!!!! It was my grandma's idea, not the disobeying part, but getting the kitten!!! I am so excited about getting the cat, but usually whenever I feel excited about getting anything that I want... I usually don't get it.... Anyhow, I will try to get the cat at all costs.

  2. #225872012-04-19 01:59:53 *Momimochi said:

    K, just get ready to pay for all it's medical expenses (shots, neuturing), toys, kitty litter shits and all the food. Also registering the pet with the government and all that. Expensive as shit, but yeah.

    Also, get ready to pay, as in you're gonna be paying all that shit yourself. No one else will be paying them.

    And getting a pet is like getting a kid. So yeah. Prepared to be the fucking mother to that cat. Yeah. Unless if you're prepared to raise a child for the next 14 years, don't get it.

  3. #225902012-04-19 02:22:07Momimochi said:

    Canada. Well, BC, anyways. We have ridiculous laws like err, three shots in the first three months the animal is born, plus additional 3 shots plus rabies shot after that. Need to regiser pet with government, recently made the law that pet stores cannot sell puppies and kitties. Yup. Pet stores with no puppies and kitties. Totally normal.

  4. #225952012-04-19 02:44:24eterno said:

    as someone who has owned a cat several times, I say this is a bad idea

    for some reason, cats always find ways to get themselves killed in the most creative ways.

  5. #226102012-04-19 03:57:13One said:

    I can understand why pet stores can't sell dogs or cats because many of them are bred just to make money. I don't support buying one from a pet store. I suggest getting it from a friend or a shelter.

    I got a cat last year. A friend of mine gave it to me because he is an idiot for not spaying his cat, I had to take one in because he could not take care of that many kittens. My parents were opposed with me taking it home. Me and my siblings fought to protect the kitty from being thrown out. Anyway, I can support this cat because I have a job. And taking care of a cat is very expensive, especially if it's a kitten. Food and cat litter has to be bought at least every month and paying for the vet is even more expensive. Plus a cat can be problematic if they don't get fixed.

    If you can afford it and think you can handle taking care of a cat then go for it. Otherwise just get a goldfish.

  6. #226172012-04-19 04:41:28Trev said:

    You should really try and take care of a smaller, easier to contain pet. A cat has a lot of expenses (litter, bedding, shots, tags, proper food) that many other animals don't have or don't have in quite the same amount.

    From the fact that you haven't accounted for all of the ways this could go wrong and endanger the animal, you appear to be young, immature, and dead set on what you want, though. Ignore us if you want, but it's your (and the cat's ) funeral.

  7. #226362012-04-19 09:26:59eterno said:

    To everyone who thinks the OP is immature,

    Please give him/her a break on this one. It's only normal for someone who's going for his/her first pet to act immature-ish. I think that most people will botch their first pet no matter what their age is.

    But that doesn't mean that they shouldn't get a pet. Taking care of a pet really isn't about 'responsibility' or 'expenses'. It's all about experience.

    And yes, I'm speaking from experience here. Having a pet is like having those tamagochi pets where if you forget to feed it, it'll die (and you'll have to ask your parents for another). The difference is, real life pets aren't likely to starve to death. Instead, they're going to become more and more suicidal (usually by refusing to EAT, yeah, responsibility...) and then die because of some sort of disease (or accidents). This is... somewhat INEVITABLE.

    Over time, you'll realize that a pet can get mental disorders and unless you'd decide to go to animal psychology, you can only learn the signs by experience (or online guides, but don't bet on them). Either way, always think that pets are by default, suicidal. It'll save you and your pet's life one day.

    Also, cats are evil. Unless you're evil too, it'll be hard to take care of a cat.

  8. #236142012-04-25 23:23:54AlphaHikari_1A14 said:

    Look, don't get the cat since everyone seems to be against the idea at this point. If you must have a cat, go buy one of the toy ones found in a store. All you would need to buy then are batteries, no kitty litter, no cat food, no vets, no future kittens, just the batteries.