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  1. #212222012-04-07 23:45:19break said:


    ....that was an indirect question "could you help me restore my ougon musou properly= provide me with a fullpatched downlaod link" XD

  2. #212472012-04-08 09:05:37break said:

    wel mine epically failed and i had to remove it fully becaus ei feared it was what awas fucking up my laptop recently xD so i gotta ned to get a full-blown new thing now.

    spekaign of doujingames, that one fate/zero game that the maker sof fatal crucis fake announced.... is it already finished? where iis iit? XD

  3. #225482012-04-18 17:03:24animeftw said:
    for Vita owners( im sure no one has one but this game will make you get a Vita or 3DS) rejoice as we will get this awesome game here
    Extreme Escape Adventure: Good People Die
    in US name changed to "Zero Escape: Virtue's Last Reward"
    (pretty sure this will be rated M)

    samples of the games music and DAMN IS IT AWESOME :D

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  4. #237232012-04-26 14:49:26 *animeftw said:

    BUMP for those who dont have PSP's can watch a video walkthrough of corpse party and on this guys channel he has uploaded all the EX chapters as well as the bad endings P.S if you have a PSP and lack the funds to buy the game I WILL GLADLY give u PSN code (USA) to be able to buy the great Gem. and NO i am not joking i will stiop wat im doing and go to gamestop to get the code and PM u the code.

    BUT there is also a translation of book of shadows on youtube and the prolouge to watch has well, has well as part 1. on this guys channel h has als uploaded the bad endings as well

  5. #237252012-04-26 15:10:32 *animeftw said:

    @ImagineBreaker it got cheaper?! wow didnt notice that

    if your a fan of Ore no Imouto or not then watch the anime and come back here, there is also videos posted of the game in ENGLISH here on this guys channel. the routes covered so far are Kirino's and Kuroneko's route and Ayase's Route they are currently translating

    and a PV of the next game, and fucking excited and looking foward to Kirino's and Kanako route and hope for a english translation

  6. #237492012-04-26 18:17:45ImagineBreaker said:

    @animeftw well it's £8 now whilst I paid £17 or something.

    Ah OreImo portable...another dead project =(

    I really wanted to play it. And the new one got me as soon as Kanako was revealed <3 But of course there's also Saori without megane and other stuff not seen in the anime yet.

    Come to think of it...the 2nd game comes with the 1st (2 discs)

  7. #245902012-05-02 16:18:12break said:

    ohh robotic nootes~~~ cant wait. though an aniem adaption will probably coem sooenr than a translation of the vN xD

    hm wasnt there word of a season 2 of oreimo coming?