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  1. #246812012-05-03 12:23:45animeftw said:

    Robotic;Notes is looking good and anyone know who the singer is?

    1st 10 seconds in the oreimo promo Hnnnnnnnnnnggggg, Dat Line, 0:42 Lol, and in the future for the soon to be season 2 of the show i will buy the blue-rays from JPN ALSO im glad there will be a re-print of the DVD in the US but sadly still no blue-ray relsease IN WHICH i would gladly pay watever price it is

    should AnoHana really been made into a game? i mean i get the multiple ending stuff but wat else is there to tell?

    AND YES ANOTHER REASON to get the Vita, and people will have to admit persona 4 the golden WILL SAVE the Vita lets see so far the ONLY good games and reasons to get a Vita are as follows (IMO) 1.the Next Project Diva Game 2.Persoa 4 the Golden 3.Zero Escape: Virtue's Last Reward 4.Tales of Innocene R

  2. #247022012-05-03 14:58:39 *animeftw said:
    was actually gonna update my List >.> and was just posting games so far that will be in english (lol since this kinda doesnt make sences since project diva is on it but it isnt that hard to figure out wat does wat and TOIR)
    i dont know japanese BUT these pics lone warrant a purchase
    pics taken from

  3. #255062012-05-11 14:05:57 *animeftw said:

    i wonder wat studio will do the anime ova for corpse party (prays for corpse party anime in the future) hot dog downloading this,

    in other news STILL no word on saya no uta >.> which is really buggine me and shiny days opening

    Ito Kanako singing the openng to ANY visual novel makes th game worth playing :3, also school Limited edition will come with mouse pad and key chain

    im starting to qestion this but..... WILL WE EVER GET THIS IN EGNLSIH!!? i mean come on OTL Ludesia Spidering with Scrapiing

    and as for Ef i dont even know anymore, so im guessing School days has the lead in comeing out 1east

  4. #264932012-05-19 11:26:04ImagineBreaker said:

    Yes I know it's a double post but here ya go~

    Mahoyo's OST has been finally ripped and uploaded so if you want to look for it go ahead~

    As usual the soundtrack is godly~