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  1. Congratulations Mr. President.

    #228732012-04-21 06:41:59Chestnut_Rice said:

    It's 2013. You're President of the United States of America. Congress is filled with your admirers. The Supreme Court sucks your cock on a regular basis. Americans love you. The women want your children and so do the men, actually. Nobody questions your leadership. You have 8 years. Fix America. What do you do? Any policies and laws you pass during your Presidency will not be tampered with until 2100. What will you do to make America great again? Remember, you have carte blanche but only to improve America. You can't make your self dictator until 2100. Sorry.

    I'm going to wait for a few responses before posting my own. (In other words, it's quite late.)

  2. #228842012-04-21 11:16:24TokoyamiSenshi said:

    Call back the army. Cut it's budget dramatically. Step onto lobbyists' heads as in completely prevent it. Return socially crucial services such as healthcare and education to the state. Apply a ruthless exponential(economists don't know that word) taxing model. Encourage by all means small, local businesses. In other words, curb stomp the "free market" inside the country. Artificially(as in by order) reduce trading defficits.

  3. #229392012-04-21 22:36:03Zechs said:

    -force unions to renegotiate all contracts to reduce wages -repeal ObamaCare ASAP. -make a law that disallows corporations from cutting insurance -fix social security (by making it not a Ponzi scheme) -make welfare much harder to obtain / stricter -Bye-bye PATRIOT act. -open up most oil reserves, Keystone Pipeline -Give the political finger to Saudis and get out of the middle east -END THE FEDERAL RESERVE -Reaganomics -add a bit to the constitution to not allow the size of government to be above 20% GDP without a draft. -limit amount of debt allowed as well -destroy earmarks -end lots of entitlements across the board. -End/fix the USPS -simplify the tax code massively. -Expand justice system -make socialism a laughing stock like it used to be. vilify it, because it's an extremely radical system that leads to dictatorships.

  4. #229412012-04-21 23:39:31Chestnut_Rice said:

    Year 1: -Legalize marijuana and tax and regulate it. -Close down unnecessary prisons. -Levy a modest federal consumption tax.

    Year 2: -Get rid of corporate taxes. -Institute a "risk" tax levied on financial exchanges. -Greatly raise taxes on income not derived from a labour or service offered.

    Year 3: -Separate investment banks from commercial banks. -Either end or highly regulate the trade of financial instruments (derivatives, etc.)

    Year 4: -Improve America's infrastructure across the board. -Invest in solar and wind energy.

    Year 5: -Promote electric cars. -Discourage the use of trucks on Interstates and promote the use of trains to cross great distances instead.

    Year 6: -Close the gap between skills that jobs need and the skills that graduates have. -Put more money in to education. -Reform health-care along NHS lines.

    Year 7: -Bring back troops stationed on the ground in various parts of the world and use aircraft carriers and air power to enforce America's will instead. -Upgrade the military with more modern equipment.

    Year 8: -End gerrymandering. -Prevent individuals from donating too much to any single candidate. -Streamline the immigration process.

  5. #229792012-04-22 06:06:19Ashkachan said:

    @Chestnut_Rice That's how CL is lately. /Sigh. Try and be mature for once, guys.

    On another note.

    -Pass universal healthcare. It's kinda sad when CHINA has universal healthcare, yet the US doesn't. -Make all doctors accept abortion, birth control, and other methods without being big assholes about it. It's a woman's body, you shouldn't tell her to do something else with it. -Make gay/lesbian marriage legal. -Legalize marijuana, it's not the worst drug for you. (In some cases, it's better than smoking and drinking.) -Tax the hell out of the rich. And make the working/poor class pay way less in taxes. -End the war in Afghanistan. (Which is ending in 2013 anyway...) -Arrest Bush for all the crimes he did in office. (This will never happen...)

    On another note, I hope that Romney messes up so bad that Obama wins. I do not want another republicant in office. I'm moving to Russia if that happens.

  6. #229832012-04-22 06:22:28Momimochi said:

    ........ Sorry, saw it and just had to post it. ;A; But I actually support the cause of legalizing sex with those under the age of ten.

    .... Not just because Canada just happened to have the legal age as 14 up until a few years ago.

  7. #229872012-04-22 07:22:40Chestnut_Rice said:


    I do not agree at all with #2,5 and 7. Doctors should never be forced to do some thing. There are plenty of doctors who will do abortions. You shouldn't regulate some thing like this. 5, while a good idea in theory will never work in practice. The rich will just take their money else where, which is never good. One should never be taxed ridiculous amounts if your income comes directly from performing work. Sitting around and shuffling derivatives around, how ever... And #7. Again, while a good idea in theory, Bush isn't /nearly/ as bad as some other world leaders, and while his actions are certainly some times less-than-legal an did result in many deaths, they were also partly rooted in legitimate concerns.

  8. #229882012-04-22 07:25:27Chestnut_Rice said:

    @Momimochi Want to hear a joke? A 15-year old pedo. :/

    16 isn't bad either. Huehuehue. But seriously, 10-year olds? The potential for abuse is too high. I'd certainly support 14 or 15, though.

  9. #230012012-04-22 11:51:49 *momo said:
    • Legalize weed, tax it at a higher rate than cigs and regulate it in much the same way as Alcohol. Driving under the influence, public intoxication, etc would all be illegal.
    • Cut down on pay for all branches of government office, legislative, executive and judicial. Make it so that it pays no more than 110% of the pay of comparable jobs. Basically, Supreme Court judges paid a little bit more than they had in their own courts.
    • Repeal CISPA and it's derivatives, enacting legislation that is less vague to combat piracy and child pornography. At the same time, include statutes that give bonuses to record labels,/members that join/enact programs such as Netflix, Spotify and Hulu.
    • Secure legislation for a free and open internet. Companies that enact bandwidth limits that do not target all sorts of IP traffic for the sake of anti-competition(such as Comcast's video-on-demand service working around their cap) receive penalties..
    • Legislation for making the internet more secure, including free (and possibly mandatory) SSL certs for all sites that store personally-identifiable user information and use of PGP instead of passwords on sites requiring sign-up.
    • have marriage between two consenting adults, regardless of gender (or lack thereof), recognized on the federal level.
    • Sliding-scale, percentage-based income taxing system.
    • Higher corporate taxing, with breaks for businesses with fewer than 25 employees. Employees are counted by the highest corporation that owns them, meaning that subsidiaries are counted towards the total of the parent company, not as their own company.
    • Pressure to put more focus on road, school, housing, and transit systems, paid for by a stricter sliding-scale property taxes. Such things would be carried out by state governments, but the state would gain bonuses from the federal government for help with these projects.
    • Enact a sort of "Seal" for news outlets that are unbiased and attempt to provide all sides of an issue. Basically, an anti-Fox Seal.
    • Remove Social Security, as it was meant to be a temporary measure to secure the futures of those hurt by the New Deal. People are responsible enough to secure their own future, and SS is nowhere near enough to live on, anyways. There are too many fucking the system to get SSDisabilities for afflictions they do not have, hurting everyone in the long run.
    • Have a central, government-sponsored banking institution, one without charges for checking and other basic banking services. Private banks would be allowed as well, but would not be protected by the FDIC without proving their ability to properly provide loans to those that can repay them without trouble.
    • Expand the locomotive industry, with focus on energy-efficient commuter trains.
    • Have more vocational classes starting in high school, allowing those that do not wish to pursue college education a head start into the workforce, removing the slight unemployment bubble that pops up at the end of every school year.
    • Promote anti-entanglement for all world issues that do not fairly directly relate to the safety/well-being/power of the US. Instead, focus on better trade and business partnerships without joining clubs akin to the Axis/Allied powers.
    • make abortion during the first trimester a legal act, though do not provide any funding for it.
    • make separation of church and state clear across the nation, remove all religious items from governemnt offices, including the 10 Commandments tablets littered across various judicial halls.
    • Enact a citizen ID system, one that is easy to replace and difficult to forge. If a citizen loses their SS Card and Birth Cert, it becomes nigh impossible to get a new copy, and thus a gov-certified ID, without a ton of forms of ID and residence, most, if not all, of which require a SSCard and ID to get in the first place.
    • Make Festivus a nationally-recognized holidy.
    • a shitton of other things I cannot think of right now.
  10. #230352012-04-22 21:02:22Zechs said:


    Mostly good, but I disagree with a few points.

    -Increase corporate taxes. This one bugs me because America has some of the highest corporate taxes already. You need manufacturing of products (mostly high tech) in the America, and companies with under 25 employees can't do such a thing. Corporate taxes should be lowered, it'll create lots of industry. -Seal of authenticity (given by the government?). Too much control given to the government over the media, which should be free. People have the right to weigh the legitimacy of newsmedia in an open market. MSNBC and CNN are arguably even more biased than Fox News, depending on your place in political spectrum. There's little objectivity or balance in media these days, but that's not something the government can fix, because the government of the day has an agenda as well. -Centralized government bank. This is called the Federal Reserve, which is a plague and is jam packed with corruption and idiocy (looking at you, Bernanke and Geithner). End the Federal Reserve and all the corrupt connections it has will go away. Separate corporations from the gov't AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE

  11. #230702012-04-23 01:09:24Chestnut_Rice said:

    America in theory has one of the highest corporate tax rates in the industrialized world, but many companies end up paying nothing after using loopholes and deductions. I think it's good when corporations have money, they either have some liquidity to back them up in case of bad times or to use it to improve their business. The kicker is when executives take advantage of low rates in practice and funnel money in to their own pockets. Either close the loopholes, but lower the rate, or just abolish it completely and hit those executes straight in the wallet.