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  1. #231172012-04-23 05:33:17kosuke said:


    I got an email from Denko! “Maybe a little scary…” Only a little is okay, right? I want to make sure there’s no misunderstanding… (´・ω・`)

  2. #231182012-04-23 05:35:14kosuke said:


    Yikes… Am I really that bad…? (´・ω・`) It’s not like I want to punch people or kill people out of love for Denko, right? Please, tell me something I can say to make her happy and not leave any misunderstandings.


  3. #231212012-04-23 05:57:46kosuke said:


    Subject: This Is How I Feel

    Contents: I’m sorry for making you worry. I would never consider killing or raping you, Denko, so don’t worry. Is that what you thought I would do? Now, I want you to take what I’m saying seriously. I really, truly love you, Denko. I think I would be willing to die for you, Denko. I’ve always been trying to ensure your happiness first. And I don’t think my feelings for you will ever change. It’s very unfortunate things got like this right after we started dating, but we can start over. That would be great, wouldn’t it? Remember what I said when I confessed to you? I still feel the way I did back then…

    Well, I sent this. (´・ω・`)



  4. #231342012-04-23 06:29:36 *canon said:

    this was a conversation i had on tumblr after reading the denko threads (schrodingers-butter is me):


    jesus those denko threads are really disturbing i fee l so bad for her

    being stalked is horrifying just

    holy shit


    i feel bad for the guy, too

    he doesn’t realize what he’s doing, and he’s gone so far now that whatever he tries to do to fix it will only make things worse. denko must be scared out of her mind, but think about the op too and how much his life must suck that he has to rely on 2chan’s advice…


    i know

    and the fact that the guys on 2chan are encouraging what he’s doing really pisses me off

    he seems like a nice guy and he wouldnt hurt anyone but he

    really needs help


    and they’re the ones he listens to! the ones who are being reasonable, albeit rude, he calls “trolls” and thinks they’re just being mean to him. no! they may be rude, but what do you expect from 2chan? they are the ones with sense! please listen to them and stop emailing denko! don’t listen to the ones who jokingly encourage you; they only want to see you fail so they can laugh more!

    poor op, poor denko…