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Parent: (´・ω・`) [Help!] The Girl I Like Won’t Respond to My Emails (Final Part came out)

  1. #231212012-04-23 05:57:46kosuke said:


    Subject: This Is How I Feel

    Contents: I’m sorry for making you worry. I would never consider killing or raping you, Denko, so don’t worry. Is that what you thought I would do? Now, I want you to take what I’m saying seriously. I really, truly love you, Denko. I think I would be willing to die for you, Denko. I’ve always been trying to ensure your happiness first. And I don’t think my feelings for you will ever change. It’s very unfortunate things got like this right after we started dating, but we can start over. That would be great, wouldn’t it? Remember what I said when I confessed to you? I still feel the way I did back then…

    Well, I sent this. (´・ω・`)