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  1. Myogi's Supido no Densetsu Thread - In need of Voice Actors/Actresses!! SIGN UP NOW!

    #2322011-12-25 14:23:23 *MyogiWarrior34 said:

    Supido no Densetsu Z logo

    Hello Colorless!!

    A new revamp means it is time to revamp the project thread as well.

    And for those curious enough or worried of their previous endeavors with me on this, I found the archive here: Archived Thread on the old CL

    All the information you may ask and/or require would be posted here and the rest of the reserved posts below. Here, you may free to leave comments about the project in general, the pictures, if you want to be part of the next arc that I will be making alongside everyone here, if you have extra ideas (such as a new character, or plot revisions), anything at all pertaining to the world of Supido no Densetsu (made real by the Colorless of course!) just post here.

    Enjoy watching the old works and awaiting the new ones.


    P.S. Above is something we haven't seen before. The Supido no Densetsu Official Fan Page. Like it on facebook as well.

    What is Supido no Densetsu? [スピードの伝説] = Speed Legend. Translated for you.

    I mean, what is it about? Oh! Sorry for my cluelessness. Supido no Densetsu used to be my high-school only Manga (able to sell some back at home HUZZAH!) that I decided to share to the world. It started out on a website called where the popularity grew/amassed. Then I decided to expand my audience, not limited to just racing fans or fans of Initial D/Wangan Midnight/their arcade games. Discovering Colorless, thanks to @hyzengard and @peteian, forming an unbreakable bond with the site, I've decided to inculcate what comes next with my series as something for the Colorless' Hall of Fame.

    Okay. So, what makes it unique? What does it feature? For a self-made anime, racing is a genre that is very unorthodox & rare. There are only 2 known animes featuring this and some other animes were short lived, such as exDriver & Capeta. But has anyone discovered one that covers almost every form there is? That's where SL (abbreviated) comes in.

    The 'anime' is presented like a graphic novel with real-time racing scenes featuring famous & infamous racing titles such as Gran Turismo, Tokyo Xtreme Racer and others.

    What makes this stand out the most is Colorless' array of wonderful voice talents. Directed & guided by me, their voices shine in this series throughout the year and still do so now.

    I want to be part of this! Sounds cool. What do I do? There are numerous roles that you can take up on the SL ventures. Most of the time I'd be asking for voice-acting help. I provide the script & plot, you provide your wonderful earg*sm like voice and I will do the magic to make it look like you're watching an anime. The talents just keep coming and I call back to everyone who participated and who wish to participate. The only requirement you have to have are 1) a good quality mic that provides clear voicing & 2) you submit on time. Everything else comes secondary.

    Got videos of your previous works? Links are below. It will be continuously updated so if you see nothing entered, I'm working on them.

    You may ask more questions below. I'd be happy to answer them all.

    And welcome to the world of [スピードの伝説].

    Update: We now have a website to cater to more fans. Share this to your friends! Supido no Densetsu Official Website

  2. #2392011-12-25 14:31:27 *MyogiWarrior34 said:

    Projects at hand / Work in Progress

    [スピードの伝説] Supido no Densetsu Z Viaggio Grande

    Story Synopsis: A prequel to the big CL project - Speed Legend V. Set at Hawaii, our hero goes through problems involving his own self worth and the sickness of a fair maiden of the roads where the only way to get a solution to both of their problems is a 1-on-1 around the entire Oahu island, covering almost 300km.

    Script Download Links Viaggio Grande Part 1 - DONE

    Viaggio Grande Part 2

    Viaggio Grande Part 3

    Viaggio Grande Part 4

    [スピードの伝説] Supido no Densetsu Hachioji: Tsuchiya Chronicles

    Story Synopsis: (quote taken from Supido Website) Nicknamed Hachioji, named after the city of Hachioji near Tokyo, the story is all about one's self examination and how Seiji Tsuchiya, the main hero of this arc, would discover his. Right after his battles with Daiki during the Mugen arc, he tries to see if something has indeed changed in him, be it about his driving or his overall being as a person. Seiji will soon encounter Tsubasa Aramaki, the secondary protagonist of the story, who comes all the way from Hachioji working at a tuning shop around Tokyo, and may even conclude that he's the person whose development he needs to witness in order to find out what has changed in him. He will encounter old acquaintances not mentioned in the earlier arcs and meet someone who represents his former self. By the end of the story, he'll be able to discover what person he has become and in the end, becomes a guiding post to Tomo, who'd soon return from overseas to find his own self worth. Seiji's progress is a preemptive preparation for Tomo by the right time that the earlier would pass on that newfound wisdom he was seeking throughout the story.

    Script DL link is in this post

  3. #2412011-12-25 14:32:41 *MyogiWarrior34 said:

    **Current Project Cast List Breakdown*

    -guide: Character - Current Voice Actor (if left blank, it means it's available to voice-

    Tomogashi Kitsumoro - @MyogiWarrior34 Kasumi Nadeshiko Adrianna Eizaguirre - (from Voice Acting Alliance) Ein - Joseph - @hyzengard (to be confirmed) Anthony Minami Suzuki - @Mairu_Orihara Ryan Suzuki Kaede Shimuji Daiki Akiyama - @Andoryu (to be confirmed) Shimizu Ohyama Hiroya Kagami Hiei Kamura - @peteian Ryuusen Kennichi - @hyzengard Sakura Johina Tetsuya Kudou Kitana Tioseco - @MrTrain "The Queen" - "The Prince" -

    reserved for development group & members involved in the project as time passed on

  4. #2822011-12-25 16:24:36MyogiWarrior34 said:

    Confirmation posts will be here for those who've submitted their VA files on the archived Colorless.

    @MrTrain - Although the noise was a bit too loud (probably you're recording on your laptop with the battery charger plugged in hence the massive noise) your take was AWESOME! If you could redo them with less noise (I suggest recording with just your battery pack, no charger if that's the cause of the noise) that would be better. But YOU GOT THE JOB... erm... Role.

  5. #9192011-12-27 05:32:19MyogiWarrior34 said:

    Updated with Official Cast list for current project again.

    I highly encourage you to audition. Links include the scripts on the post above the cast list.

  6. #71182012-01-17 01:59:31 *MyogiWarrior34 said:

    Planning to do quick comedy highlights featuring popular trends/memes entitled: "What Hiei watches on his phone while waiting to leave a place" any suggestions? (i.e.: My Little Pony, NyanCat, Rick Astley, Trololol guy, etc.) - Speed Legend Development team Facebook Fan Page

  7. #76152012-01-19 07:11:56 *MyogiWarrior34 said:

    Not much of an update concerning the project; as I'm still awaiting the ones willing to voice act for this project also. For now, here's an accomplished poster of Viaggio Grande, featuring a popular violinist whose compositions will be played back on the video at hand.

  8. #97282012-01-30 22:33:45 *MyogiWarrior34 said:

    Just send in your voice file sample as an audition voicing any of the remaining roles available:

    Kitami Kitamaru Kyosuke Katsumaru Shimizu Ohyama Tetsuya Kudou Anthony The Prince Marcelo Eizaguirre

    Scripts are in here; first post. Download from there. Link to scripts on VAA. Click here

    Send the voice file to me via filesharing link or post the link here or send to my e-mail (PM me if you want my e-mail address)