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  1. Artbooks

    #232802012-04-23 23:03:14DSP said:

    So I'm looking at my artbook collection and it's kinda pitiful so I'm asking you guys if you have any recommendations. Atm I'm kinda just interested in books published in the west, books like say John Howe fantasy artbook or L'artiste, since they're easier (and cheaper) to get for me, but please feel free to recommend any type of artbook that you think is good. (I would appreciate a good anatomy book too if anyone knows of any?)

    Just so this thread isn't one sided I'll list my current books see if anything tickles your fancy:

    Skilful Huntsman - Design studio press In the Future... - Design studio press Exodyssey - Steambot Studios Bold Visions, the digital painting bible. Mechanika: Creating the Art of Science Fiction - Doug Chiang Fantasy Art Workshop - John Howe Battle Milk 2 Shuffle vol 1 and 3 - CFSLINK Megaman Tribute Artbook - Udon Huke Artbook Persona 3 and 4 artbooks Gurren Lagann Groundworks vol 1-4

  2. #232892012-04-23 23:57:07eterno said:

    Oooh, you asked for something that is really relevant to my interest.

    I got tons of these artbooks. Personally, I like books of the old artists (before computer age and therefore, before digital art). These people really didn't have much reference back then and because of this, they had to come up with their style in everything.

    Unfortunately, I'm not good with remembering artists' names so I can't really name one off the top of my head. But, this site might give you the idea.

    I also have a book by Norman Rockwell which I randomly picked up at Barnes & Nobles. This book made me a huge fan of 20th century American-style art and is one of many magnets pulling me away from generic Anime :p (I still like anime, though I try to not be lazy about it).

    Most of my artbooks however, are old photography books. There's just something compelling about them to me that gets me inspired. Again, I can't name names (man, I'm really bad at this) but for a good example, Here's Albert Kahn.

    (I probaby would have a good list once amazon is done with the report)

    As for anatomy books, well... If you've tried the best ones out there (Loomis, Hogarth, etc.) then there really isn't anything better (here's a list by the way). If you really want more, go buy medical books and if the opportunity arises, do a dissection course. This youtube channel has a bunch of good dissection videos too so you'd be able to understand on what's under the skin (NSFW? Well, it's just corpses for educational purposes). Anatomy is really something you need to know without even thinking so it's really a lot like learning a language (and that's why it's hard for some people while for others it's not).

    Another thing that is a lot like anatomy (and also as important) is perspective. Again there really aren't any better books unless you'd buy architecture and technical drawing books. If you decide to do this, then you'll have to learn (or relearn) MATH. And then, you'd also need to learn structural integrity and so forth :p

    Well, if those are tl;dr for you, what I'm saying is DON'T BUY TUTORIAL BOOKS. Everyone is approaching art from different directions and while these different approaches would be nice to have, THEY SHOULD ONLY BE USED AS SUPPLEMENTARY. So instead of buying tutorial books, buy books from your favorite artists (some of them might be copyrighted and therefore, unavailable on the internet) to get you started and then, once you learn the foundations (aka draw from life), then you can buy these tutorial books if you deem them necessary.

    Sorry if the last paragraphs are too preachy, but I'm just trying to save your money :)