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How much do you know about the CL members

  1. #318512012-07-02 04:23:55 *sonanoka said:

    Has good taste in moƩ grava's, self confessed dojikko, apparently is very anti-social and paranoid, thinks cutting people up with a hatchet is good advice, deer are very dear to this user, this user has had the balls to post a picture of herself, proving the lack of said balls.

    They have a birthday at August 2nd, possible 1996.

  2. #401312012-10-07 19:06:26DeathByBiscuit said:

    Crazy ginger, very fun to talk to. Seems to get along with many of the members of CL. Has mindfuckery powers and was able to turn the chat pink.

  3. #402402012-10-09 16:43:22zatsunen said:

    Is an asshat but I seem to always agree with his opinions. Often speaks truth and wisdom, despite his troll ways. Has great taste in anime. MIT. K-ON!