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How much do you know about the CL members

  1. #586252013-06-11 09:20:43Rune said:

    Best mod, best thread maker and we also share the feelings of mutual hatred for each other. But on the other hand, we also share the passion of loving games, books, and Germany as well as our hatred towards Spooky and several other members. Also has an awesome hair.

  2. #586292013-06-11 10:30:06Gargron said:

    A girl, has piercings, is from Russia, is qualified to teach the Russian language, is a moderator, her name is a drug.

  3. #586332013-06-11 11:04:53Ecstasy said:

    archangel isn't a female, nope.

    Sometimes strips naked and punches the lights out of boredom.
    Has never tried a burrito.
    Seems to like @kosuke a lot.

  4. #586632013-06-11 15:31:51Trisak said:

    Cool guy, can do handstands, can ride a horse, and has lots of interests including voice acting, drawing and gaming,.

  5. #586652013-06-11 15:37:40 *Trisak said:

    Is completely correct, is a mod, is a very cool and interesting person, and has piercings. Has one Lucky boyfriend. Just like her name, she can be very addictive once you get to know her. Is also very pretty, and a Linguist.