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How much do you know about the CL members

  1. #585632013-06-11 00:46:34 *Maudia said:
    Has a pet goat.
    Is/has moving/moved to Florida.
    Lives/Lived on a farm.
    Is pretty neat.
    Her mother takes her to get makeovers.
  2. #585692013-06-11 01:05:26 *Cenica said:

    :P Hardly ever sleeps. Loves games and game music. Works hard for what he's got. Proud to be German. Keeps up with more gaming news than anyone else on CL. Is 23.

  3. #586042013-06-11 06:47:51Trisak said:

    DC: Is German, and does a lot of modding and gaming and reading. Doesn't hate me yet I think, lucky me.

    Maudia: Bumped this thread. I approve. Got overtaken by DC when writing a reply for @Ecstasy

  4. #586252013-06-11 09:20:43Rune said:

    Best mod, best thread maker and we also share the feelings of mutual hatred for each other. But on the other hand, we also share the passion of loving games, books, and Germany as well as our hatred towards Spooky and several other members. Also has an awesome hair.