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How much do you know about the CL members

  1. #585532013-06-11 00:32:00 *Lycan said:

    I'm pretty sure he's a guy. I don't know anything about his real life. I think he's american. He really love games and books. Also warhammer.
    And more games.

  2. #585552013-06-11 00:35:40Kittycat said:

    is a strength hero that make 2 wolves that if maxed can make them invisible his w makes his attack speed faster or something. no idea what his e does and his ult makes him into a wolf

  3. #585632013-06-11 00:46:34 *Maudia said:
    Has a pet goat.
    Is/has moving/moved to Florida.
    Lives/Lived on a farm.
    Is pretty neat.
    Her mother takes her to get makeovers.
  4. #585692013-06-11 01:05:26 *Cenica said:

    :P Hardly ever sleeps. Loves games and game music. Works hard for what he's got. Proud to be German. Keeps up with more gaming news than anyone else on CL. Is 23.