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How much do you know about the CL members

  1. #239272012-04-27 22:18:14 *Kyuuun said:

    Lives in the Virgin islands. has a younger sister is hilarious is 13 (or 14 now?) uhh. is black. and asian VERY VERY COOL. <3

  2. #239282012-04-27 22:19:51 *AkiraSaki said:

    Lives in Cali Stupid Likes toast Her best friend is.... me... She's 4'9 Is jewish .... Stupid. She likes One Direction. Her Pottermore house is Ravenclaw (even though she's stupid.) She likes Shakespeare I'm her favorite person. Okay too much to list right now.

  3. #239312012-04-27 22:22:54Kyuuun said:

    Lives in Pennsylvania is 15. obsessed with various men likes to sleep she loves soup hilarious. in the 97th percentile loves sauce animal crossing is her life hollywood undead is her fave band she is a gryffindor. <3

  4. #239392012-04-27 22:36:59Mau said:

    She's a lolibadger. She likes a shitton of bands. Does not like iced tea. Is the "BEST" driver in Dead Island. Is a Lumberjack and does not care.

  5. #239532012-04-28 00:30:48bleachedsnow said:

    ^ Loves bacon and pigs. Had a pig themed grav until recently. Also super smart with high SATs and ACT scores. A year older than me. Um, Asian?

  6. #240462012-04-28 10:49:49Ecstasy said:

    ^ is a wew and he likes wew. oh, and he wews his wew. he is also doing that wew thing every day. actually he is the only one who knows everything about wew. he can wew it in any time of the day. wew is pretty much everything he got, I find his wew funny at times. and yeah, anytime you wew there is 100% possibility that Loki is somewhere around watching you.