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How much do you know about the CL members

  1. #402552012-10-09 22:28:56archangel said:

    Obsessed with nightwing, REALLY OBSESSED, likes hetalia; scratch that, loves hetalia, and we cry at the same stuff, especially the last part of under the red hood; the feels man :<

  2. #402772012-10-10 05:34:31momo said:

    Thinks I'm a good, smart guy for some reason. Has good taste in anime films. Used to be BlueBro, now has gone to the Yellow team.


  3. #403312012-10-11 08:29:35 *Kuroba_Loki said:

    Has both arch and angel in his name .____.
    Is an adorable shota... Though I always seem to forget he's a he For some reason

  4. #404072012-10-12 01:41:43Mairu said:

    archy is perfect. metrosexual. agreed to be my roomate in a couple years. cries over batman feels with me ;w;

  5. #405392012-10-13 11:36:42sully said:

    Is a seductive lustful trap, hardcore yaoi fag, a writer, awesome artist, a realistic dude who is true to themselves, takes no shit from no one.

  6. #585022013-06-10 21:07:01 *Mau said:
    Eldritch abomination/Cthulhu shota boy.
    Married to @claire-chan (possibly @kosuke), has spawned many children though this.
    Dark Souls fan.
    A trap.
    The biggest trap.
    Adorable, yet horrifying at the same time.